Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This and That

Sneak Peak of June's Dance Moms.  Oh my shit...I can't wait.  I don't care that it is staged.  This show is my crack.

The Dance Moms Miami Group Dance.  The little boy is clearly the best one.

A fantastic interview with Marina Anissina.

Gymnastics and stuff after the jump :)

Workout Wednesday with Casey Jo Magee.  I find myself really admiring and rooting for this gymnast.

Feature on Jenny Hansen

USAG's Twitter Q+A  (The girls practice their PC responses)

Elizabeth Price

Gabby Douglas

Alicia Sacramone

Getting to know Cassie Rice- for those who ask about 'setting' a someone from Gym Cats do one of their big double pikes or Chellsie Memmel.


Bama celebrates its NCAA victory.

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  1. Wow! I was really impressed with Cassie Rice. She seems real down to earth. I love that she is not obsessed with elite just because she had one olympian. Realizing that it may not be the path for everyone and that is ok!! Im rooting for cassie-jo too!