Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chow Adds More Shawn Johnson Comeback Doubt

First she wouldn't get in a leotard, now this quote from her coach:

"Former Olympic medalist Shawn Johnson of West Des Moines will not compete at the May 25-26 U.S. Classic in Chicago. That event is the final qualifier for the national championships in St. Louis, but Johnson has already qualified for those, said her coach Liang Chow.

  • Chow said Johnson is still recuperating from a knee injury, and said he wasn’t sure if she’d be able to compete in St. Louis. If she misses that event, she wouldn’t be eligible for the Olympic Trials in San Jose at the end of June, meaning her longshot attempt to make a second U.S. Olympic squad would be over."

    Gabby Douglas will only do bars at Classics.

    Get ready for this fluff piece:


  1. To be fair, that wasn't a quote from her coach. It was a paraphrase of a comment from a supposed conversation.

  2. The knee's bothering her too much to compete, but not enough to be angling for another shot at DWTS!