Monday, April 30, 2012

More Postcards From Camp

The only bar they'll see between now and tour.

Lean back.

"We will eat you, Gabby."

Switch Ring Action.

Dance by Antonia.

Ms. Ballerina

Look Jordyn, it's called extension.

Oh, Sloan...
Gymnastics Dance...Groan


  1. What the heck is Sloan doing in that last photo? Looks like she's about to collapse!

  2. She's doing a lot better than the girl behind her....

  3. Well they certainly do not look like graceful ballerina's. I really think these girls should take ballet as serious as some other events. It would make gymnastics look a whole lot nicer.

  4. Let's focus on the positive--it's hard to really know how they are performing through a few candid stills. How 'bout that switch ring, though--who is that? It's gorgeous!!

  5. that switch ring comes from 13 year old bailie key of texas dreams!