Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This and That

Raisman at camp.  Her upgrades are going to keep her on the team after a career of consistency.  That is a problem for Finnegan and possibly even Maroney.

Yao Jinnan injured herself on vault in podium training at Chinese Nationals.  She has withdrawn from the competition.

Jordyn Wieber and Shawn Johnson were both on the Today show this morning with their mothers for P+G.  Jordyn was one of the highlighted Olympians and then Shawn had her own segment at 9 a.m.  Make or miss this team, Shawn is making the most of her time in the sun with this comeback.  My mother says she looks "great," but it is another missed training day for someone who wasn't at camp.  Shawn did confirm that she re-tore (likely partial as is common) her ACL six months after her initial surgery and had a second one.

Michael Weiss judges YAS.  What's going on with his shaving situation?  I must say, he is good at speaking for an athlete.

Behind the scenes with Blahtah at the 2012 NCAA Championships.

DWTS was HOT last night and more than held its own against Christina Aguilera's cleavage on the Voice:

Maria and Derek

William and Cheryl

Katherine and Mark

Melissa and Maks

Roshon and Chelsie

Donald Driver and Peta


  1. The DWTS pros really impressed with their choreography and performances in those trios. Great work.

  2. Ugh. Raisman is a total lock.

    1. Rather, Yay, Raisman is a total lock.

  3. So Shawn's not competing at Classics, doesn't go to camp and misses training for the Today Show

    Yet everyone bitches about Nastia when she does the same things?

  4. I get that Nastia isn't ready, but Shawn was on the Pan Ams team. Did she give up after going to Texas for her knee? It looks like something happened, as she was on track and somehow fell off track.

  5. I haven't watched at all this season. Really pretty impressive dancing from the top 4. The guys were actually leading. Maria's back/frame and Katherine's footwork in the foxtrot were excellent.

  6. I don't know why...but i just don't like Raisman's gymnastics. Yes, she's consistent and has a damn good floor routine, but she has no artistry, it's sad what has happened to our sport.