Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This and That

Friend of the blog, Miki Yamashita, was featured on The Tonight Show last night and admitted her undying love of figure skating.

The oft injured Fabian Hambuchen will skip Europeans to have a longer preparation for the Olympic Games.

Jamie Silverstein opened up Grinning Yogi for all the happy granola lovers of Seattle.  It seems like a ton of quirky fun and I'm dying for my friend to check it out.

Blahtah summer fun with Georgia Dabritz and Corrie Lothrop.  It is a shame Greg never lets them be this cool in competition.

Claire Boyce at JO Nationals.  Let's hope she stays fit for Florida, as they could really use such a lovely gymnast with good form.  I worry she may slow down, but she has returned from injury very well this year.

Haley Scaman is just the kind of powerhouse KJ Kindler needs to get the Sooners big scores on vault and floor.

Sophia Lee has Stanford aspirations.

Kamerin Moore.

Dare Maxwell trains her pak salto again and is making progress to return to elite.


  1. I was watching Clarie Boyce videos, on YouTube yesterday. I some how ended up on Shantessa Pama videos. She was AMAZING. What happened to her??? After watching her, fabulously unique bars video. I was wondering why Martha hasn't had her kidnapped & brought to a gym. Lol....Her floor & beam also really beautiful. I googled her. They had they most beautiful photos of her. Every line was perfect. I almost sent them to you so you could add them, as contrast to your Media day pictures. Her Mattie Larson, Samantha Shapiro, & now Tessa are the college girls I'd most like to see comeback to elite. *pretty please*

  2. If you haven't caught up... Mattie Larson is worthless.