Friday, May 4, 2012

What I'm I'm Living For

Kat McPhee's Run

I have watched this show every week, even through the crappy early episodes and Debra Messing love scenes.  Anjelika Houston's awkward love match (sans chemistry) is the current awkwardness, but the rest is improving.  We do need a steamier love match for Kat McPhee.  If she could finally get it on with the director, the show could get somewhere.  The Republican hottie was fun while he lasted, but the writers were itching for a token multi-racial gay couple. Sometimes the show is good, something the solos make up for it.  One thing is for sure, Kat McPhee has never been better.

I reget to admit that 'Let Me Be Your Star' spent days in my head.

Let's Be Bad

Unlike Glee, I can usually make it through most episodes without cringing.  I still think the tempo of the show would work better if it ended with a musical number.  Let's pray the show does well enough that they will send Marilyn to Broadway, as is the ultimate plan.  (They will then continuema with another musical, etc.  Kudos to NBC for thinking out of the box to save the flailing network.

Which have been your favorite numbers?  Are you watching?


  1. Watching but still in disbelief that it would ever be considered an actual competition for a part when Kat McPhee is up against the goddess that is Megan Hilty. The show keeps wanting me to believe Karen is a star, but she hasn't produced anything special enough to make me believe it.

  2. I like them both, but prefer Kat's singing and performances in the workshops. The scenes with Kat in the wig are beyond awkwrd, but she really does shine in the musical numbers. Both Megan and Kat are great and it is better now that they are not purely good/evil.

  3. I totally agree with you that Karen should get it on with the director. It's what I've been thinking since I saw "not gonna happen" moment in the trailer last year. The boyfriend is nice, but too vanilla for me.

  4. While starting out as a mcPhee fan, I have come to appreciate Megan Hilty quite a bit in the past 4 months and really wish her fans could reciprocate instead of showing their petty and ungracious side, which insists that you have to tear someone down in order to build someone else up. Megan has a fantastic voice and an engaging, bubbly personality, and I will probably continue to follow her career post-Smash, but there has always been something about Katharine that I just found magical and I cannot explain it better than that. That's why I find it easy to understand when some character finds that in Karen as well. If you're a fan you don't need an explanation, and if you're not, no explanation would ever be enough. And there would have to be a lot of changing character-wise going on to make karen and Derek any kind of a long-term partnership. After Dev, she'd never stand for his constant philandering with his leading ladies. But, it might be fun to see her try (only if she grows a little thicker skin, though, wouldn't want to see her sitting on the floor crying every episode).