Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This and That

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Nastia Liukin Poised for Comeback.  We see her looking promising on bars, but she is still teasing us.  Given her history of being a tad rusty at Nationals, it is going to be quite the white-knuckling event.

Valeri Liukin on the performances of Rebecca Bross and Nastia at Classics.  The career of Rebecca Bross has been ending in slow motion for two years now.  Rebecca looks like she will be relieved when it ends in a few weeks.

Michelle Kwan will carry the Olympic torch in Oxford, England sometime between July 9 and July 11.  Rach on.  (slap me.)

Interview with Chloe Sims

Dare Maxwell training update.  She looks ready to make a run as a bars and beam specialist next year.

Shannon Miller rids us of cellulite.  While I doubt Ms. OCD has ever dealt with such a problem, she certainly strikes me as someone who would freak out and have it removed than trust that five minutes a day would day a damn thing.

Olivia Yao's program for YAS.

Like many of you, I am positively captivated by Sasha Cohen's NYC escapades.  We know from following skating and gymnastics that many girls who starve themselves to have the 'international look' tend to grow breasts overnight when they finish their sporting careers.  Sasha Cohen appears to be a girl who is positively thrilled to have breasts for the first (second?) time and enjoys displaying them in revealing, low-cut shirts. Girlfriend is proud of her B-cup. It wasn't just her eye-opening costume on the Today show, Alex is now a bonafide socialite hanging with the likes of Tara Lipinski, Jeremy Bloom and a bevy of beautiful, wealthy blonde girls with far too much time and money on their hands and a slew of gorgeous men looking to make them their latest arm candy.  Part of the fun of their twitter photos is seeing where they are going in NYC (Bounce is a favorite) and what they are all going to be wearing.  These are not the type of girls who wear the same outfit twice.  (Note that these are the photos Sasha chooses to share with the general public.)

Sasha has always had a hit or miss fashion sense.  In skating, she had a gorgeous Malaguena dress only to don a dress that looked like the bottom was soaked in urine for her Rachmaninov long program.  Inconsistent taste?  Maybe it is just Sasha.

These blonde lovelies enjoyed Memorial Day weekend in Nantucket with the likes of the Kennedys and Dorothy Hamill.  The girls of the Upper East Side sport their latest sandals.  Sasha sports a wannabe seductive grin, hooker heels and a band aid dress to show off her new 'curves.'

Michelle Kwan tells us about her yoga classes.  Sasha posts photos of her latest pole dancing lessons.

While most Columbia freshmen are fighting anxiety and depression over their textbooks in the library, six-credit Sasha enjoys all the advantages of pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw in the city.

Sasha Cohen is certainly going through a collegiate 'experimental' stage.  Though she has never been known for her work ethic, she maintained a strict diet to spin enough to earn her momager's 10 percent.  Sadly, she is growing her hair out and doesn't seem to have much time to embrace her inner rugby-player ways.

In addition to sexy Jeremy Bloom, Mark Ballas is a bonafide star fucker who has reportedly attempted to date most of these girls in order to maintain buzz in the press.

It was rather curious that Sasha posted photos of herself breaking in her new skates in the grocery store, but based on recent performances, it is clear that she needs to do that when practicing is clearly not a top five item on her to-do list.

Oh Sasha, you will always entertain us!  Love Always.  Forget the housewives, the girls of the Upper East Side definitely need a show.

Rebecca Soni is just getting started.


  1. Ha. I noticed the same thing about Sasha's breasts and low-cut tops. Think she's had some work done there, as I saw an old competition clip on YouTube, and she had virtually no breasts.

  2. ha look, it's the 3 girls who beat kwan


  3. Two girls. Sasha never beat Kwan for the top prize.

    1. ...and the two girls who had one lucky day that no one makes a big deal out of.

  4. This was so unexpectedly hilarious. Thanks AJ.

  5. I think you meant that the Rachmaninoff dress was gorgeous, and the Malaguena dress looked like it was soaked in urine

    1. AJ is referring to 2003. The Rach dress was the urine one. He has said before that he loves the black, red and orange Malaguena dress.

  6. It always amuses me when people think gymnasts and skaters get boob jobs at some point post-retirement. These people must be either guys, 14 y/o gymnasts still in training, or gals with perma-itty-bitties. Going by that logic, I got a boob job during the summer just before 9th grade - weeks after I quit ballet, discovered Peanut Butter Twix, and bloomed from a B to a C cup.

    And thanks for the pictorial A.J. - you're right, Sasha never ceases to captivate. I disagree about some of those girls being "beautiful", though. Methinks they are just blonde, thin, and well-heeled - let's not get carried away.

  7. I love how readers persist in trying to correct A.J. He is kind of an expert which is kind of why we're here reading his blog in the first place. He has an impeccable memory. He doesn't make hair-brained mistakes. Check your own facts before 'correcting' his!

    Also, Sasha appears a tad overdressed for the beach . . . . As for her flagrant sexual awakening, subtlety is key, Sasha!

  8. I'm still looking for the beautiful blonds. I see some cute brunettes.