Thursday, May 10, 2012

This and That

An interview with the fabulous Brits and Danusia Francis' hair.

European Champions Results

Team Qualifying

AA Results (Unofficial, as there is not an AA event.)

EF Qualifiers

Bebe Liang YAS update/bio video.

Taylor Toth is featured in a skin cancer prevention T-Shirt for Marc Jacobs, which is being sold at Marc by marc Jacobs stores in the US, London, Paris and Milan.  If I were Marc's boyfriend, I might be a little concerned about Marc's obvious crush on Tay.  In other Toth news, his partner, Kiri Baga, officially passed her Intermediate Pairs test today and has three more to go.

Michelle Kwan is loving yoga.

Chinese Nationals.
Part 1 will be added when it becomes available.  I'm very impressed with the confidence, aggressiveness and fitness level shown by Jiang Yuyuan at this point.  She may not smile anymore, but I'll settle for the hit routines.  Her routines could be a bit more difficult and have better execution, but she looks to be on her way back up.

Deng Linlin looks impressive as well and won the AA.

More of Chinese Nationals

More videos from Europeans

Rebecca Tunney

Jenny Pinches

Hannah Whelan

Danusia Francis

Ruby Harrold

Vanessa Ferrari

Carlotta Ferlito

Erika Fansana

Anne Kuhm

Valentine Sabatou

Youna Dufournet

Marine Brevet

Gaelle Mys


  1. I don't follow skating at all so I am sure I am only among the hordes that have already had this reaction, but TAYLOR TOTH? Who would name a kid that? Why? What's next--Bash Brown? Dench Frye?

    1. I don't understand the problem with the name.

    2. It sounds like 'tater tots' with a speech impediment.

  2. GB has gotten much worse on beam since they hired Carole Angela Orchard to keep the kids on the beam. They have never looked worse. Danusia Francis is the most useless gymnast. Ick

  3. Based on what we've seen from Chinese Nationals here's my TF:

    Sui Lu BM FX
    Yao Jinnan VT UB BM FX
    Huang Qiushuang VT UB
    Deng Linlin VT BM FX
    Jiang Yuyuan UB

    I pray they don't put Tan Sixin on the team. As she's only good at Beam and UB with little consistency as alternate I'd have...someone else. She's done relatively little headcasing here but then again she's always been decent in domestic events and awful on the big stage. Jiang was my outside pick but I think she really peaks at the right time and flourishes under the brightest lights.

  4. LOVE the slo-mo beam shots of the Chinese girls and their ring leaps and sheep jumps. Toes touching heads on all of the sheep jumps. Great shots!!

  5. HATE the stupid squat & spin turn on beam. Usually so ugly and forced to try to make it around another 1/2 or full turn. Ugh!

    Also - was Dufournet supposed to go to a handstand & over after her Weiler kip? Looked like a mistake to me.

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