Friday, May 18, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Last night, I interviewed a choreographer who asked me if I had ever seen this program.  The look I flashed was beyond a 'bitch, please!' moment.  This program is my life.

Awesome Dawesome.

Eighties tacky wonderfulness.

So very charming. Such freshness.  And I even love the costumes.

If only she'd go back to what she's good at: dancing.

The best of Johnny.

Lyrical love fest.


Katia is so much more fun now that she owns how hot she is,


  1. Is Tim breaking down in tears after Johnny's skate? Just noticed that...

  2. isn't weaver's short dance dress just like julianne hough's samba dress?

  3. Yuna's Danse Macabre is a masterpiece!