Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Foray Into Adult Skating: A Skating Lesson

Due to beginning my illustrious skating career with an ankle injury a month into my lessons, I wound up progressing on my moves in the field much quicker than I did on my jumps and spins.  Frankly, I didn't jump until late January/early February and nearly broke every bone in my body learning how to spin at first.

This month, I'm working on sit spins, scratch spins and mastering the lutz in terms of free style.  I did my first loop+loop combination today and have been getting more consistent with my flip.  I'm not one for change, but Natasha has me learning to do loops and flips from both three turns and mohawks.

My lutz was not coming along today.  I need to use my arms.  I'm told to use my right arm like I'm throwing a stone over my left shoulder.  It turns out that when I go for a lutz and try to land it on one foot, I tend to rush the takeoff.  If I don't go for it, the timing of my takeoff is better.

I've been working on eliminating the tension in my body when I skate, but I need to start bringing it over to my jumps.

Spinning was an absolute bitch to learn.  I am working on getting my spins inside the circle of my entrance curve so that they don't travel.  It is a work in progress.  Sit spins are helping, but I still don't have a nice leg position on my one foot spin.

Spirals are becoming a solid element.  I'm always trying to get my leg higher, get more extension, a better foot position, etc.  Inside spirals were the devil, but I'm able to hold the position.  The next task is switching between inside spirals on one foot instead of two.  I don't need to switch it on one foot for my silver moves in the field test, but I'd like to because my spiral needs to be one of my stronger elements in case something goes wrong on my three turns in the field.

As always, it is all a perpetual work in progress.


  1. Looks great. It makes me realize how hard skating really is! Great job!

  2. AJ, you haven't been skating for very long, right? I'm amazed at your progress!! Keep it up!!

  3. I started taking lessons in August, missed five weeks and then started back up again mid October. Thank you! I need to hear it some days because it is a lot of work to fix everything I want to fix about my skating.