Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Girls of Team USA

Holy moly.

This sounds like her first interview.

Too bad she didn't focus on bars.  I'd love to know where she intends to go to college.  Hearing she doesn't want to leave the coast.  Gator Chomp?

Girl has had a TOUGH year.

Diva Maroney's new vault is 'nothing crazy.'


  1. who is Madison? is that armine? is she a GAGE girl / how old is she

  2. Maddie is a GAGE gymnast. Born 8/25/97, she is currently 14 years old and not eligible for London but will be age eligible for 2013 Worlds in Antwerp.

  3. I love Sarah, she's definately the "out of nowhere girl" this year. That's kind of strange considering she had a succesful junior career but I guess she was always overshadowed by gymnasts like Ross and Ohashi? I wish she makes it

  4. Did you not watch Jesolo? All four of Madison's routines, from Jesolo are on YouTube. The GAGE girls are kicking ass! WOW, Madison's beam upgrades and of-course with beautiful form. She's from GAGE, after all. Who's is prettier hers or Katelyn Ohashi's? If the U.S. junior team had competed at Euros they would have won the junior title by five points. As strong as the U.S. senior team is, the juniors are even stronger. The depth is amazing. Unlike the seniors the vast Majority are artistic. Can't wait to see a team with Madison D, Katelyn, Madison K, Polina, Nica, Lizzy L, & Bailey K! It's going to be super hard to make team USA after the Olympics. Harder than it is now & that's saying a-lot.