Saturday, May 26, 2012

US Classic Videos

The Queen Returns


Gabby Douglas












  1. and that's how you do a Mustafina VT! With Raisman, Ross and Douglas having trouble with their Amanars... The Olympic prospect for Maroney is looking that much brighter! :)

  2. Your videos only work for USA residence! I had to change IP address and pretend I was in USA. Nastia's beam had some DISGUSTING MOMENTS! Her leaps are ATROCIOUS! I was drinking tea and when she did her leaps I was grossed out and then she did her switch ring I spat out tea all over my laptop. For god'sake it was disturbing. She won't make the Olympics. Her Russian taps, like Komova's are annoying. Nastia also has got to STOP buttshelving. It's so not classy but trashy.

  3. Ugh! WHY does Bross insist on competing the Patterson dismount? I cannot remember the last time I saw her actually stand it up in competition. And for someone who has knee problems, it doesn't seem like the safest choice.

  4. Anonymous at 8:08pm, your comment made me laugh (in a good way)! I don't know if I would go as far to say it was disturbing, but her routine was not as good as the commentators seemed to think it was. However it was better than I was expecting.

    I agree with Elizabeth C. That dismount is not doing Bross any favors.

  5. My favorite part of the whole comp was NOT BEING SUBJECTED TO ELFIE AND AL. I'm not saying amanda was spectacular, but compared to elfie it was like a freaking fantasy vacation. was it just me or did some of the girls' leos cover more skin at 6 and 9? what is buttshelving? i was disappointed in nastia's leaps, what the heck, even she has higher standards than that. and poor bross. when she mounts the apparatus valeri has this look of pointlessness on his face. even though they're not peaking yet, i was quite underwhelmed, hoping to be able to struggle to choose from the depth, but found myself suffocating in their shallows.

  6. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL JOHN GEDDERT to take out that Clear Hip 1/1 after the Maloney... It's a disaster waiting to happen! She has always been shaky on that skill. I know it's an important connection, but she loses a minimum of 0.5 in execution every single time coz she never finishes in handstand!

    Wieler 1/2 (D) + Maloney (D) + Bail (D) + Ray (C) = 0.3 CV...

    Maybe she can connect her Toe on circle 1/1 (D) + Tkatchev (D) into a Pak salto (D)... 0.2 CV