Friday, August 31, 2012

Disney Magic

This week, the horrors of the GOP convention were erased when I came across videos from the 2011 Disney 23 expo and saw the voices of our favorite Disney princesses squeezing into sequined gowns and performing their signature ballads.

Mulan: Reflection

All Kinds of Awesome at the JGP

Earlier this summer, Joshua Farris earned our eternal love by tweeting he was pissed not to be awarded a Senior Grand Prix event after his success last season. Someone quickly got him to take it down, but a love affair was born. Farris showed them why he deserved an entry over one of our other hot messes (whom the USFSA continually invests in) by landing a clean Quad Toe in the free skate. He has a few Jill Trenary landings to clean up that should keep him from peaking too early.  More expression is also needed overall. The technique is simply stunning. It makes us pray that it is technique PChiddy will have left behind.

Lovely Russian Pairs skating.

Kosigina and Moroshkin's take on the Junior Short Dance.  Where is the hip hop?!

History Lesson

A few routines from the Americans of '72 by Cathy Rigby and Joan Moore (Jeana Rice's mother.) The Americans were regularly lowballed back in the early '70s. It is amazing that the Americans competed at 8:30 a.m. during those Olympic Games. How times have changed.

Hot Mess of the Week

It's a bit like listening to Great Uncle Henry at the dinner table ramble on..and on...and on.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

This and That

I've been informed by master Aunt Joyce that I need to do a This and That post, but it's really hard to write a post when the skatnastics world has been literally dead in the past couple days. Either Hurricane Isaac has swept away most of the world already or time stopped watching Mitt Romney's speech...

Anyway, I suppose the big news is McKayla Maroney's stardom points keep escalating and she says her freakin' fibula was broken or well as her toe. Girl is broken. She is set to present at the VMA Awards on Sept. 6. In this interview on EXTRA, Maria Menounos is a total flake and the two of them together make for quite a scene. 

In other news, words cannot describe this rap song dedicated to Jordyn Wieber. Jay-Z got nuttin on dis. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Epic Palate Cleanser

They really makes you forget about the tropical storm that hit Tampa last night.

Excalibur Responds to Gabby Douglas

To say she was the only black gymnast at Excalibur would be like saying she was the only black girl on the US Track Team... It is unfortunate that Gabby's victory is already being tainted when handlers have her play up aspects of her life for her new narrative.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ro-flecting on What Could Have Been

Only once does a skater come along with a talent so universally transcendent that he lands double jumps the day he laced on a pair of over-sized rental skates. Likewise, only once does a skater come around who has the suck-ability to fall/pop on every single jump in a freakin' long program.

Say hello to Rohene Ward. Skating's biggest hot mess that even Robin Wagner turned down to coach. In a sport where privileged, wealthy white kids usually prosper, Rohene's presence was a shock--and a refresher--to many in the sport. Growing up in the ghetto of North Minneapolis, Rohene's half-black, half-Puerto Rican roots brought a new level to the sport that Alexei Mishin was even quoted as saying, "I have nothing else to teach him." Only someone like Rohene can scare the shit out of Plushenko's coach.

Being sponsored his entire skating career, Rohene was given every opportunity to succeed, but the most vital component was missing -- hard-core training. Watching him skate easily shows him to be one of the most gifted skaters ever to take up the sport, but reading his track record puts him on a scale lower than Kyoko Ina's singles career.

"No this is not Bobek, Bowman, or Sandhu kittens...they actually have medals." - Pat Lipinski

Monday, August 27, 2012

Gymnasts from Excalibur are saying that Gabby is lying based on her comments about race on Oprah's Next Chapter. While many will always wish to dismiss racism, I believe that Oprah and Gabby simply made TV out of an issue that is much deeper. Having known gymnasts and parents from the gym, there has always been a sense that girls know where they rank at that gym based on the attention afforded to them (and at many other gyms.) Gymnasts get a sense of who is gymnast #1, #2, #3, #4. When Gabby was coming up through the ranks, Marcia Newby, Randy Stageberg and Brittany Ranzy were originally the stars of the gym., but it was clear to anyone that Gabby had immense talent. Race is everywhere in gymnastics. Most black gymnasts are encouraged to be 'power gymnasts' by coaches who encourage them to throw every trick in the book while they might encourage a white gymnast to be more of a 'skill' gymnast or dancer. It simply happens. In fact, Gabby was initially pointed out as one of the first black gymnasts with 'exceptional toe point.' Things simply are as they are, and it is likely that the coaches viewed Gabby as a talent and her 'isolation' had more to do with her being the true talent of than gym, which her mom subtly hinted it, but it was Oprah and when Oprah wants you to give an answer...she will give it out of you and have you go along with what Omniscient O says is the real story. While Oprah is eager to bring up Gabby being a black gymnast in a predominately white sport (which is true, but has been changing for some time...and certainly not on the level of diving or figure skating), it should be known that there have been a number of successful black gymnasts from Excalibur. Did Gabby likely receive racist remarks along the way? Absolutely. But Oprah ignores the fact that in addition to being a black girl, Gabby was always the quick, light, effervescent gymnast with 'the gift.' After a Junior National Championships, I said the only thing Gabby needed to do to make the Olympics was switch gyms immediately to someone who could teach bars. If I could spot it, every competitive little gymnast and their parents could spot it and view her as a threat or someone to envy. I wouldn't be quick to label Gabby a liar, but I do think that things are different now that she has been branded by Oprah as someone who 'represents something more than herself to a lot of people.' Like Shawn Johnson, her interviews will likely soon be 'based on a true story.'

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Svetlana Khorkina on Rosie: The Television Event

Best TV appearance ever. Sveta's agent Ari Zakarian translated and looked oh so very mafia. He is also the agent for Evgeny Plushenko. Remember when Rosie was still fun? The botched translation is the best.

This and That

Stephane Lambiel put on a skating clinic at All That Skate. It was simply amazing and utterly ridiculous. After his health issues earlier this summer, it was thought he might not even be able to perform. While he popped a few triples into doubles, the actual skating on the ice was simply brilliant. Every program he does as a professional is different and he really gets into the choreography and steps. It is clear that Yu-Na has been watching and appreciating him when you see her All of Me  program and note that he is the only skater to be invited back for every single All That Skate production. Deservedly, the crowd goes absolutely apeshit for his performances.

Yu-Na's El Tango de Roxanne from another performance. Notice how very huge her Lutz still is. After a few more months of training, the girl should be back. Her fire for the sport appears to have returned.

It looks like McKayla Maroney my be guest starring on How I Met Your Mother. I'd definitely tune in. It is one of those shows I'm always meaning to watch given all of our love for Neil Patrick Harris. This would be event television. It has the potential to be slightly better than Nastia on Gossip Girl.

A USA Today article on Jordyn Wieber's plans. It looks like she is thinking about 2013 Worlds, but we will see how she holds up after tour. Everything changes once the girls are able to relax and breathe for a moment on tour. The media is already openly discussing her changing body. Previous tours showed Carly and Shawn experiencing changing bodies by the day on tour.

Brezina is happy with his move to Hackensack.

Tuktamysheva apparently has a minor ligament issue that will set her back two weeks.

First Look: Oprah's Balance Beam Routine

Oprah and Gayle drop by Chow's to visit Gabby. Watch Oprah on the beam tonight at 8:30/7:30c!

Jeremy Abbott has a 007-type short and a long to Bring Him Home. Kurt Browning turned down the opportunity to choreograph for him because he no longer does competitive programs. As usual, Jeremy says he isn't worried about Johnny or Evan. I predict they will motivate him to give a great skate at Nationals, take one of the two spots on the world team, think he can win later in the season, and then bomb Four Continents at Worlds. The USFSA needs to bring in Martha to do the right thing and yank whoever bombs Four Continents.  Adam Rippon is working on a quad salchow we know he'll never rotate. Ross Miner landed his first one at champs camp. Evan Lysacek did show up at Champs Camp.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This and That

Yu-Na Kim reels off as Triple Lutz at All That Skate. It may not be as sturdy or huge as during her Olympic quest, but she has never been much of show skater under spotlights. The girl looks infinitely better than she has since Vancouver.

Johnny Weir's short is indeed Poker Face and he apparently landed his elements at Champs Camp. It would be great if Johnny ever went outside of his box, but we know that is about as likely as Sasha Cohen choosing music not from Skating's Greatest Hits collection. Ricky Dornbush is blaming his disastrous finishes at Four Continents and Nationals on a warped boot. He claims to have his confidence back.

Plushenko vows to defend his European Title.

Ashley Wagner is adding a Triple Flip+Triple Toe to her Red Violin short and Agnes Zawadzki is building confidence.

Mao Asada will compete at the Japan Open.

Every Olympic cycle, we hear athletes make claims after the Olympics and Trials that we know will never come true. Just as Sabrina Vega is going to Rio and Nicole Shapiro may still have that Olympic dream, David Boudia is now mulling the possibility of returning to his gymnastics roots. Given that Boudia is familiar with many of the gymnasts from Indiana (they share personal trainers), it is amazing that he believes that he can make it 'as a vaulter.' Obviously, this is a total mediawhore statement that will never remotely come true, but it makes him look absolutely clueless to anyone in the know. At least he still has his looks. God Bless.

Day 1 of Champs Camp Nuggets

Lance Armstrong has been banned for life and stripped of his seven Tour de France titles for being a disgraceful cheating asshole who earned a fortune with his pursuits. If he were truly innocent, he'd fight to the death for his honor. Given the recovery time in a sport like cycling, the writing was on the wall after his seven titles in this day and age. There is a reason he appeared to be superman and now the French can say they knew it all along.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Favorite Things Friday!

It's the end of summer. Back to life, back to reality...but not quite yet. Let's end the season off with a bang by remembering some fiery, hot, summa' classics.

More after jump.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Little Nova - JGP Courchevel

Could it really be? Am I dreaming? FINALLY a Russian lady with entire package. In a country that has given us the likes of Slutskaya, Sokolova, Markarova, and Nelidina (and that just barely scratches the surface) we finally have our little Russian star who can jump, spin, hold a deep steady edge, and ooze musicality through her little body. I am anointing her already as the next "it" girl of skating. Unfortunately, our baby girl will be 15 just at the wrong time. She is expressive, aware of her body, and commands the ice surface. While the girls' choreography could use some help and parts of her skating need touch up, she is well on her way to being a major threat. Here is Elena Radionova's short program for JPG Courchevel that put her lightyears away in first place with a 62+

This and That - Uschi style

Champs Camp is this week in Colorado Springs and all we care about is that the KWEEN was in the house!

Maia and Alex Shibutani pictured with the legend.

US Figure Skating also tweeted that Adam Rippon has hit the gym this summer looking buff for a scrawny boy. Should the On-Ice Mr. Donald Draper be looking broad in the shoulders? I was thinking he would've needed to increase his whiskey shots...and grow some chest hair.

Both Mirai and Ashley tweeted PR messages about being happy where they are this season after completing their short programs at Champs Camp. Yada yada and all that bucket of roses...just send us some videos so we can see for ourselves!

Apparently Evan is in da house, but no one really cares enough to photograph him. I'm sure he is queening out, especially since Johnny is there too.

In other news, Gabby Douglas just wants an ice cream cone.

A Word to Clueless Gymnasts...

When you're a fifteen-year-old level 10 who looks like a normal teenager and doesn't have a Kayla Williams vault or He Kexin bar routine, you're not going elite or to the Olympics. It isn't still a possible goal. You would've been pushed ahead at age five. You didn't push McKayla Maroney with your Yurchenko Full. And the only place being Sam Shapiro's sister is getting you is a ticket to the emergency room when you try to learn a new skill out of the pit. Otherwise, I love your lines...

And lose the gum on camera.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bachelor - Skating Style

 I don't know how this happened, but U.S. pairs skating is becoming as juicy as season two of The O.C!     First we got the back stabbing and political split of Yankowskas/Coughlin last year so that Coughlin could team up with the partnerless Caydee Denney (who are now romantically linked...before she was legal) and now Rockne Brubaker is AGAIN in search of a partner, scouting out all the prepubescent teenage girls that he can perform crotch lifts with.

However, Phil Hersh has reported via twitter that he is currently going through tryouts with the "retired" Amanda Evora. In the spring, Evora announced her retirement from competitive skating, while her former partner Mark Ladwig went on to team up with Lindsey Davis in what we all know will end up in a series of 6th place finishes at U.S. Nationals.

But, desperate times call for desperate measures. Rockne has less than 10 freakin days to sign up for the 2013 qualifying season. Rumors were flying around that Bebe Liang was going through tryouts (again, via twitter...tweeting is like the new marijuana), but realistically that would work about as well as Sasha Cohen's coaching change to Robin Wagner.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This and That

MK may not be much of a public speaker. But I'd pretend she was just to be in her presence.


First Look: Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas on Oprah's Next Chapter
Olympic gymnast Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas won gold and the hearts of millions. Now, Oprah travels to West Des Moines, Iowa, to sit down with this 16-year-old gold medalist. Plus, Oprah meets Gabby's mother, Natalie; her three siblings; her coach, Liang Chow; and visits with her host family.

Tune in Sunday, August 26, at 8:30/7:30c.

More about Yu-Na Kim's programs. She will be working with David Wilson once again.

Fantastic interview with Aliya Mustafina about the Olympics, Alexandrov, her injury and how she was forced to do beam after Grishina refused to compete it in team finals. Our girl Aliya is simply a fierce ass fabulous bitch who will reign supreme once again.

Carly Patterson is getting married in Dallas and living up to to awful Communications-major stereotypes.

There are really no words to adequately discuss John Geddert's Olympic tattoo.  It is as if he did the vaults himself. Tool.

McKayla Maroney's welcome home interview. She says she intends to train a triple twisting yurchenko. If her agent is worth a grain of salt, she won't set foot in a gym for a long time. "It was like amazing because we're best friends and we're teammates."  What was the best part of the Olympics? Seriously...I'm sure she really enjoyed falling on her ass and losing the individual gold. With her family securing a bodyguard, it looks like she may be busy in the public eye for some time.

BTW Kyla Ross is IN for 2013. Yawn.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure

"All that vajiggle jaggle is not beautimous."

You're welcome.

Things We Must Discuss...

Child, it has been a while. I've been away getting in touch with my dark roots and cleansing my aura like only Pasha could do. Of course, so much is going on...

Yu-Na Kim Reveals Music?

SP: James Bernard's Vanpire Rhapsody

FS: Les Miserables

Though I haven't seen any Korean articles about it yet, Yu-Na Kim's music is being passed around the web. I never thought of her as the Les Miserables type, but Tim Koleto did tweet that she will KILL it with this. Are the music rumors true? Will they confirm it? Thoughts on the choices?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photos of the Day

Larisa Latynina and Michael Phelps

Fabulous Tom Daley on a recent chat show.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This and That

The gymnasts of the 2012 Olympics are continuing their media appearances this week in record fashion.

Gabby Douglas gets a makeover and critics are still flipping out. Sheeeeeeeesh.

The Fierce Five become interns on The Colbert Report.

The line-up for the inaugural International Figure Skating Classic has been announced. It is a "Senior B" competition (ala Finlandia Trophy, Nebelhorn Trophy, etc) that will affect world rankings. Notable U.S. skaters include Gracie Gold, Agnes Zawadski, Ross Miner, and every announcer's nightmare - Lynn Kreingkrairut and Logan Guiletti-Schmitt.

In music news, Evgeni Plushenko is set to skate to "The Prophet" by Gary Moore for his short program. Screechy guitar + flailing arms = 9.75 interpretation score.

Thank God for McKayla

Thank God for McKayla Maroney.

The Fierce Five interview on Letterman was headed for a train wreck. Giggling girls plus awkward David meant squirming audience.

Thankfully, McKayla continually saved the day.

Elite gymnastics all too often presents us with sheltered, socially awkward and insecure robots who try their best, aim to hit their routines and cake on a plastic smile.


Thankfully we all have McKayla to look to -- the only U.S. female gymnast of this Olympics to truly hold her own at such a young age. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Media Spin

The Fab 5 with Nicki Minaj on the Today Show. 

Gabby Douglas is set to be on America's Got Talent results show tonight at 9/8 central.

McKayla Maroney talks about her new found Olympic fame.

Britain's Strictly Come Dancing wants to recruit Beth Tweddle to rumba for their next season's show.

The Fab Five tours New York

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Marley & Brubaker announce end of partnership

2012 U.S. silver medalists and world team members Mary Beth Marley and Rockne Brubaker have announced the end of their partnership.

Shocking? Or just another day in U.S. pairs skating?

This is the second time Brubaker has been left high and dry. After the 2010 season, Keanu McLaughlin announced her retirement. Marley stated she is taking time away from competitive skating while Brubaker is actively searching for a partner. The reason for Marley's absence is unknown at this time.

Any ideas for Marley's replacement?

Is it a mistake that Yankowskas already chose a partner?

Beating a dead horse: Dissecting the controversy surrounding the flying squirrel

"Vury vury niiiiiiice. Here's an acorn vur yuuuuu"
 Gabby Douglas is America's newest sweetheart. She has become an internet queen, her smile is making the rooster jealous on the Corn Flakes box, and she is making nice with the first family of the United States. Rock on girl.  


She's even being immortalized in terrible YouTube videos by Asian rappers who are desperately trying to land a VH1 reality show: 

Gabby has a lot going for her right now. Becoming America's newest darling is no easy feat. Establishing herself with longevity is key to her success. Just ask Carly Patterson. 

Um...well. Just no. 

Longevity is certainly looking imminent for Douglas. However, none of the other three all-around queens of American gymnastics dealt with the level of scrutiny Gabby has faced since her big win. As the first African American to win an individual gymnastics gold medal (be still your heart Dominique Dawes), Gabby's marketability carries extra weight. Let's take a look at some of the controversies swirling around her image and her nickname.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Photo of the Day

This and That - Uschi style

Hello friends. U.K. here filling in for AJ this week while he is away being a glutton on a cruise. That bastard.

Ms. Not Impressed is loving instagram and we are loving it back. 

Sasha Cohen cleavage in training. 

Not Impressed x3

I can fly without this swing, thank you very much. 

McKayla also posted a picture of herself without makeup! OH MY GAAAWD!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

RSG Appreciation

Rhythmic Gymnastics is quite popular in Eastern Europe (far more popular than artistic gymnastics.) Anna Bessonova regularly performs exhibitions, while Aline Kabaeva puts on elaborate shows in Mother Russia that are rumored to be funded by Putin. This is what becomes of the women who can bend themselves in a way pornstars can only dream of.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Holy Mother of Fierceness


Tom Daley Documentaries

The documentary reference by Cynthia Potter's co-commentator every five seconds.

Live Blog: Final Night of the Olympics

It is the final night of the Olympics.The artistic gymnasts are long gone (apparently they have to pay to stay in the village after they compete), but now it is time for the American divas of the track, the rhythmic gymnasts and the hot bottoms diving the platform. It is a night of obscurity and Olympic fever.

Earlier today, we watched the women of RSG out hoop and club one another. Evgenia Kanaeva reigned supreme yet again, as if her powerful coach and politician would allow it to finish any other way. It is much more pleasant to watch and appreciate Zhenya when you don't have the overwhelming sensation that the beloved Anna Bessonova is being screwed left, right and center. It is about time they allow these Russian women to compete in leather jumpsuits and replace the ribbon with whips and chains.

This week, the Russians dominated synchronized swimming. The sport has changed to become far more technical than the beautiful '90s routine the Americans earned perfect scores executing in Atlanta where they recreated the orchestra in the water and acted out the string section with their beautiful extended legs.

Yesterday, we learned that Catalina Ponor is engaged to hunky Tommy Ramos. That lucky bitch.

Watch the striking free performance.

A Salute to RSG Goddesses

I always loved how Elena Vitrichenko's mother (who was also her coach) was on the judging panel at the International 3 on 3. Being a token screwed-by-Irina-Viner Ukrainian, she deserved a few extra tenths in life.

Irina Viner: the HBIC

Friday, August 10, 2012

Favorite Things Friday!

How will they top this?!

We know she would NOT want to be left out.

This hasn't been luxuriated over in quite some team. They need to go more in this direction.

Must Read Interview With Alexandrov

Excellent Translation

- Would you  say that she had been the most difficult student in your career?
- No, I had too difficult a time with Bilozerchev ( He is blaming himself here). I had to work with Boginskaya - another one who was a real treat (sarcastically). Do you think Komova is easy? For some reason there is a stereotype that Mustafina is the villain while Grishina is supposedly the perfect child. Absolutely not! And Komova works very hard, but all of them can get sulky. They also understand how nothing is given (you must work for everything)! And Aliya came to over me after the bronze medal in the all-around, and says: “Do you know what journalists said? Valentina Rodionenko said that I had no chance to win anything here, except on the bars” . What could I say to say to that? The interview was given before the Olympics. Why? I wish/should have gone and apologized on her (Rodionenko’s) behalf…. 

Four Lessons Learned at the London Olympics by Uschi Keszler

The London Olympics are over. Marta booked her ticket to the Bahamas with a margarita in hand. The Chinese women’s team can at last eat some rice. Jovtchev’s wheel chair is finally occupied. Oprah can now meet her long lost daughter, and Kate Middleton will stop pretending to care about gymnastics. Life is continuing and we are all exhausted.

We are all having our very own Maroney podium moment.

To recuperate and regroup, let’s review four lessons learned at these Olympics.

This and That

Diva Dawes is going all natural like Tyra. We all knew that Dawes liked to name her own skills as a commentator and latch onto Michelle Obama, but we had no idea what a self-aggrandizing diva she was until these Olympics. Dominique and her hair glitter were inspiring Gabby Douglas in the womb, thank you very much.

Dawes goes one-on-one with 'Golden Gabby.' Dawes has decided the Flying Squirrel is racist and wants to bring the attention back to Gabby's accomplishments, even though she won't refuse an opportunity to make a bigger deal out of the Gabby hair fiasco since it gets her mug on TV and her name in the press.

Maurizio Margaglio is helping Team Canton with their short dance technique. In future news, Nicole Bobek and Tonia Kwiatkowski will be brought in to help Yu-Na Kim with her Lutz technique. Marina says Voir will be 'dramatic.' Could the Carmen rumors be true? There are certainly rumors about Igor being pushed out (even by dissatisfied parents who invest in the rink and that Marina has possibly wanted it for some time), but everyone was 'on vacation' as Igor was rumored to be mentally for several months.

Q+A with Evan Lysacek. He is already delivering the toolish quotes by stating that Samson and Delilah is 'outside his comfort zone.'

Gabby Douglas and white man's privilege

Jenny Kirk helps us to regulate our eating.

Aliya Mustafina radio interview

Piper and Paul's new free dance.

The Return of Evan Lysacek

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

We knew this was coming. Like termites, Cher and a good case of the clap, we will never be rid of  Evan Lysacek. Frankly, it isn't surprising...we knew he was training and that things were getting serious when he hired Shep Goldberg to be his agent and sort out his issues with the USFSA. We knew the Johnny-USFSA love affair could not last. He could not truly be their golden boy. (Note that Mr. Lysacek has already been given Skate America.)

The thing about Evan is that he trains. He trains really hard. These two years have likely saved his body, but he will absolutely need the quad he claims to have. It needs to be rotated.

Jeremy Abbott and Adam Rippon have not performed at an acceptable level internationally. The American men have become on par with the Canadian ladies who celebrate top ten finishes and dream of earning a spot in the final warm up. Now, these boys can go back to being the skaters we enjoy because we expect nothing from them. Without having to rely on Jeremy to bring home a medal, we can enjoy his wonderful edges and experimental programs.

Evan and Johnny are two consistent skaters. Evan has the ability to challenge for titles due to his consistency, components and ability to soak every little point out of every single little element in his program. His speed and strength are enough for the judges to overlook the windmill arms that have plagued his skating for years.

Lysacek truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Between his hot body, horrible interview personality, on-and-off relationship with Nastia and other emaciated breastless blondes and new WTF relationship with Vera Wang, he is going to energize the sport and keep us entertained. The costume choices will certainly bring back the black while adorning it with feathers and glittered phallic symbols. In the mean time, Evan will hold the Americans over until Joshua Farris and Max Aaron are ready to dominate...and the rare hope that Jason Brown may one day land a triple axel.  If we want any skaters we actually enjoy to be in Sochi, we need to use the giant tool to get us that third spot back. Oh Evan, we've almost missed you.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

McKayla Teaches Jenna Bush How To Dougie

This moment outdoes her vault.

Fabulous Blast From The Past

The portrayed the orchestra. You know you love it.

Photo of the Day: Gabby's Total Fame Moment

Girl has made it.

This and That

It happened. This week on Dance Moms, Brooke Hyland rehearsed a Diary of Anne Frank solo. Better yet, her mother...didn't know the story but knew she wasn't the cartwheeling type. Why is Brooke doing cartwheels in the Diary of Anne Frank? Is she vaulting over the bookcase? How would her acro skills work while she fought with her icy mother and made her sister jealous by her dates in Peter's room?  Also, why are the Hyland kids always injured? These are all questions needing to be answered.

How to Build an Olympic Champion

Maroney gets her wish to chill in the rings

Nastia Liukin interviews the Fierce Five

No return to jail for skater Kerrigan's brother

Q+A with Gabby Douglas and Natalie Hawkins

Spelman College recruits Gabby Douglas

Vanity Fair is not living for the messy bun

Hello Robbie Grabarz!

South Korean gold gymnast vaults from rags to riches

Kerri Strug's Outfit: Discuss

Shopping with the plastics.

Shannon gets tinier and tinier...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The Fierce Five tour London with Jenna Bush (epic Maroney moment)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo of the Day: Fierce Five at USA House

The stars of the London 2012 Olympics give thanks to their coaches and celebrate a successful fortnight.

McKayla is not impressed

This and That

Moore-Towers and Moscovitz's winning free skate from the Indy Pairs Challenge

AP article on the injury of Jordyn Wieber. An update from the writer on twitter says Jordyn will decide in January whether or not she will continue and will continue training with Geddert if she does. Kyla Ross will NOT go pro and will only be doing a few tour dates. That raises questions about how much $ they are set to make on tour. Aly Raisman is looking toward 2013 Worlds and the 2016 Olympic Games. She says Alicia taught her how to stay in shape between Olympics. McKayla Maroney wishes to pursue opportunities such as acting, but is saying she is aiming for 2016. Of course, everyone wants to continue in the heat of the best moment of their we will see what becomes of the girls after tour. Much will change. Gabby has said she would like to continue, but she has the ride of her life in front of her and anything can happen. The Fierce Five will be on Letterman on August 14.

The Fierce Five touring London

In news of the weird, Mark Kerrigan is looking the serve out the rest of his six month sentence in prison. He was previously released early on probation from his two-and-a-half-year sentence for assault and battery, yet he is looking to go back. This must be an extremely difficult time for the Kerrigan family that fought to keep him out of prison in the first place and has dealt with years of issues on Mark's behalf.

Quote from Rodionenko:
Head coach of the combined men's and women's artistic gymnastics team Andrey Rodionenko comments on Viktoriya Komova's fall on balance beam and talks about the team's overall results. 

"Vika was simply tired", Rodionenko said, "She put her all into the two days of the team competition and did everything she could. Who can I highlight now? The team. That is why

 Aliya was able to do what she did, the team gave birth to a leader. Without a team, there cannot be a leader. A lot have little individual stars, but no team", Rodionenko commented.

"The boys have a young team, one that is going to be bright. They came out and said 'here we are'. The fact that they were second after qualifications hasn't been valued enough", Rodionenko said.

Quote from Komova:
Komova: I stopped fighting after my fall

Russian gymnast Vitoriya Komova, who finished in eighth place in the balance beam final at the 2012 Olympics in London today, comments on her routine.

"I went out like I always do, ready to fight. I wanted to do it all, but it didn't happen. Like it always does, really. After the fall, I stopped fighting. I just went on auto-pilot to get to the end. I already knew I wouldn't win anything, even if I did the second half perfectly. But I wanted to do it perfectly, including the dismount, but it just didn't happen. I don't think I had a good Olympics", Komova said.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sad News

Beautiful Catalina is retiring for the third time. Her only regret is that her coaches didn't congratulate her on her silver medal. Her leotards must go in a museum on a life-size mannequin.

Bitch Face of the Day

These Olympics have served as confirmation about what high-strung perfectionists feel about second place. Sui Lu's reaction mirror our own as we watched her get royally screwed out of Olympic Gold. It is always fantastic to watch how someone truly feels about winning the silver.