Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Queens of the Ice

Dorothy Hamill, 1976

Who are your top five?  (And your top five least favorite)

Linda Fratianne, 1977

Anett Poetzsch, 1978

Linda Fratianne, 1979

Anett Poetzsch, 1980

Denise Biellmann, 1981

Elaine Zayak, 1982

Rosalynn Sumners, 1983

Katarina Witt, 1984

Katarina Witt, 1985

Debi Thomas, 1986

Katarina Witt, 1987

Katarina Witt, 1988

Midori Ito, 1989

Jill Trenary, 1990

Kristi Yamaguchi, 1991

Kristi Yamaguchi, 1992

Oksana Baiul, 1993

Yuka Sato, 1994

Lu Chen, 1995

Michelle Kwan, 1996

Tara Lipinski, 1997

Michelle Kwan, 1998

Maria Butyrskaya, 1999

Michelle Kwan, 2000

Michelle Kwan, 2001

Irina Slutskaya, 2002

Michelle Kwan, 2003

Shizuka Arakawa, 2004

Irina Slutskaya, 2005

Kimmie Meissner, 2006

Miki Ando, 2007

Mao Asada, 2008

Yu-Na Kim, 2009

Mao Asada, 2010

Miki Ando, 2011

Carolina Kostner, 2012


  1. So interesting that Denise Biellmann did a beautiful triple lutz (not a flutz!), but no 3flip or loop.

  2. That was very common back then and really until Ito and Harding (and sort of Yamaguchi) made at least the first five triples standards, that is until UR calls in CoP led to girls dropping certain jumps. Witt did triple flips early in her career but rarely triple loops. Liz Manley had a great lutz when her head was screwed on straight (wonderful BO edge) and did the other triple except the flip as well. Trennary had a beautiful flip when her nerves did not get her, but never completed a triple loop in competition AFAIK. Boitano (and to a lesser degree Fadeev and Petrenko) led the charge for a complete arsenal of triples for the men. Orser did not do triple loops and Hamilton did not do triple loops or triple axels.

  3. Least favorites...Trixie Schuba and Sjouke Djikstra. Those were some manly broads.

  4. The best queens? I'm young yet. I think Irina Slutskaya, she is my favorite for all time, and obviously Carolina Kostner, I've grown up with her and her victory has been the beautiest moment in years .. the old school? Denisse Bielmann and Midori Ito! I love the jumper and spin girls!

  5. There are many queens, but there is only one Kween!

  6. There is only one Kween. Yeah it's easy to name least favorite...Tara Lipinski and Kim Meissner (like her off the ice).

  7. most but my least favorite is Meissner, Slutskaya and Lipinski.