Friday, May 25, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

This was posted on my wall last night with the message, "Merry Christmas, lady!"  So true.

The jumps don't matter with Baiul.  She's more than a bit much and I live for every second of it.

Which program did you copy the most in your living room?  Which program veers the closest to bonafide mental illness?

Dick Button's Favorite

Given the intricacy of this choreography, I would've found a way to make sure she won the short program.  It is miles ahead of anything the other competitors were putting out there.

I am from in Odessa.  (The clip of her dancing kills me.)

Oksana's self-proclaimed 'best performance of her life.'

A descent into mental illness that only Baiul can give us.

The dying swan.

A fantastic program.


Her nerves are palpable.

I could easily feature this program every week.

The edge jump section of this is to die for.

Rock Around The Clock

Shoelace Malfunction

My coach have gray hair!

Classic interview.

I believe we could write pages of symbolic interpretation of the phone.  With the cord.  For no reason.


  1. AJ, what about her Arabian program? You know the one, where she wore the turban, and then everyone and their mother started using that music. That is my favorite.

  2. I couldn't post Arabian or La Isla Bonita due to youtube copyright claims :(

  3. Thanks for that! I love Baiul - although there is a bittersweet quality to her skating when she got older, maybe I'm projecting something but she always seemed to me to be haunted by the slim leggy girlish body she matured out of and could not make the adjustments to get her jumps back.

    But those arms! They remained a consistent element to her skating. Is there any skater ever who had such eloquent arms as Oksana?

    Watching these programs make me realize she was a real interesting spinner, too.