Thursday, May 24, 2012

This and That

Kristina Vaculik won the prelim competition at Canadian Nationals.  The finals are taking place this evening.  Sabrina Gil did not compete.  It has been reported that she is battling a fear of back tumbling, but has been learning new skills such as a handspring double front on floor. Talia Chiarelli did not compete due to injury, but she is expected to be invited to compete at Olympic Trials.

In one of the most beautiful cases of irony, Michael Seibert is working with Adam Rippon and has found that Adam's skating isn't butch enough.  Pot meet kettle?  Adam will be skating a Mad Men program to The Incredibles soundtrack.  They are promising a new hairdo for Adam Rippon who is toying around with Quads the way I'm toying with camel spins to my face.  I for one would not be surprised to see Adam sporting a cute bob.  Adam would make a fab-u-lous Betty Draper.

Shawn Johnson was at the DWTS finale on Monday (and Tues?)  That is what I'd be doing weeks before Olympic Trials.  Might she be angling for a spot on the All Star Edition since she isn't too interested in doing the Post Olympic Tour?  The money might even be better for her should she be successful again in the ballroom.

Catching Up With Nastia Liukin (Ms. NL has been all sorts of quiet lately.  She is either keeping to herself and being focused before this weekend or is going through it.  We shall see.)

Aussie Nationals Results

Camp, Canadians and Aussies after the jump!

Canadian Nationals

Brittany Rogers on floor in prelims.

Ellie Black

Victoria Moors

Videos From Camp:

Brenna Dowell

Amelia Hundley

Amanda Jetter

Lexie Priessman

Brianna Brown

Bailey Key

Videos From Australian Nationals  (What do we think of Daria Joura's hair?  It is a bit Gidget Goes Australian for me.  Where is Moon Doggy?)  Go to town on being Peggy Liddick and picking the team.  Be a rabid bitch too, it can be quite fun.

Lauren Mitchell:

Dasha Joura

Emily Little:

Ashleigh Brennan

Mary-Anne Monckton

Georgia Wheeler

Georgia-Rose Brown

Angela Donald


  1. That's Dasha, not Daria Joura.

  2. To the anon: Dasha is Daria's nickname.

  3. Dasha is a Russian diminutive for Daria...

  4. Yay, Nastia realised that photoshouts won't take her anywhere :D (just kidding), she looked a little nervous in this interview but in a good way, like she's getting the "competition nerves" or sth. Wish her a great comeback

  5. I'm so disapointed with Shawn, I voted that she will compete at trails you haters at your poll but it was rather a sentimental vote. I had high hopes for her come back but I've totally lost faith. I sure hope she'll prove me wrong

  6. And there are still people out there that think she'll be fighting for AA gold in London

    If she does go on DWTS all stars she better come out and say her knee is not a problem anymore and she just didn't see herself fitting into the Olympic team or she better play that shit up. Wearing a knee brace while doing the paso doble and dropping out in week 7 saying her knee 'can't take it anymore'

    Alicia Sacramone is vaulting and Mustafina is throwing triples on floor....oh and Chellsie Memmel is doing AA on Saturday....

  7. Brittany Rogers floor routine sucked so bad. It looked like she was just standing around.

  8. Shawn looks in good shape at least in these photos: