Friday, May 25, 2012

That and That

Katelyn Ohashi on bars in podium training at the US Classic.

Nia Dennis on bars in podium training.

Kristina Vaculik won Canadian Nationals and looks primed to be an Olympian, which is four years overdue.  The judges are making a clear push for Dominique Pegg.  Mikaela Gerber, who is not favored by TPTB, made critical errors on and looks to be out of contention at this moment.  There have been whispers that Ellie Black is not politically favored, but her 15.100 on vault in finals makes her impossible to ignore.  Getting rid of Black would be foolish at this point.  Victoria Moors finished second in the AA and looks to be a lock.  Despite being valuable for bars, Brittany Rogers has not scored well on the event.

Jessica Savona has made a somewhat surprising surge coming back from injury.

Nathan Gafuik's 7.1 high bar routine.

The IOC and USOC have come to a financial agreement, which opens the door for a possible Olympic bid.

Daniel Purvis led Team Great Britain to first place in qualifying at the European Championships.

Amelia Hundley in podium training.  Her continued improvement is a testament to her work ethic, which is beyond impressive.

Aussie Nationals Videos

Daria Joura

Georgia Bonora

Chloe Sims

Georgia Rose Brown

Amaya King Koi

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  1. oh my gosh, Amelia's bars look FABULOUS! Handstands are vastly improved and she now has quite nice lines :) :) big fan of this kid