Friday, February 17, 2012

Chellsie Memmel: One More Try

Chellsie Memmel told International Gymnast that she is giving the Olympics on more try.  Memmel just had a second surgery on her shoulder since the National Championships.  It will be difficult for her to recover, get into shape and upgrade her bar routine in time for Olympic Trials, but we know that Memmel will rip her body apart and still do a hindorff+pak salto when the cameras are rolling this summer.  It is unlikely that we will see the 2008 Olympians compete before the American and Cover Girl Classics this summer, but we know the five returning veterans will prove to make this summer drama-filled and full of speculation.  Memmel plans to attend college after her final Olympic bid.

Favorite Things Friday: It's Been Too Long...

One of my favorite free dances.  Their technique is impeccable, as always.  They are truly my greatest inspiration when working moves in the field.

Evgenia Obraztsova achieved another level of ferocity with this performance.  To. Die. For.  This is why she will make a fabulous principal of the Bolshoi Ballet.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Favorite Things: БОЛЕРО

In Mother Russia, skater hunks and fierce ballerinas converged on a most beautiful reality program.  Judged by the legendary (and opinionated) Tamara Moskvina, this show was yet another reason to commit to our Black Swan Fitness DVD.

The most fantastic performance to my favorite song of the season.

The Secret Lives of Dancers

My Ballerina Husband

The first two episodes of this season haven't been as much fun without the bitchy homewrecker or her hot lover.  There isn't enough Jaered.  It has been a slow start to the season, but at least we get to see how crazy and neurotic some of these dancers actually are. Abigail, the principal who suffered an ankle injury during the first series, spends her days worrying if the new Black Swan hottie will be tall enough when she just could've googled him and discovered this for herself.  I do love the way people speak in the Commonwealth.  She's 'heard' he is quite attractive...clearly the RNZB doesn't pay her enough to afford an iPhone.  This is all likely very dramatic by New Zealand standards.  We can only wait until Ethan cracks the whip and forces the girls to starve themselves properly. It is high time the RNZB got rid of ballerinas with hips better suited for Jessica Simpson's Mom Jeans.

The Secret Lives of Dancers S02E02 from flowerbomb on Vimeo.

Beautiful Gymnastics: From Russia, With Love

I love how I live within a dozen miles or so of NYC and am trying to force myself to attend the American Cup, while flying to Moscow to watch these girls train or compete would appear to be a much more practical and palatable idea.  If Grishina can nail the double double and get consistent on beam and floor, she could be quite the star at the Olympics.  After several seasons marred by injuries, Grishina really needs to train and compete a lot this year without interruptions in order to gain the consistency and confidence necessary to be a fierce Russian Bitch at the senior level.  We would love to forget that her performance at the test event actually happened.

One day, our girl will learn to vault.  She sat this vault down due to overpowering the bloody DTY.

Vika Komova is fixing to beat the unaesthetic American brute with her new double arabian dismount.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Secret Lives of Dancers

The Secret Lives of Dancers S02E01 from flowerbomb on Vimeo.

Our show is back!!!  Hope everyone is well.  I've had quite the busy few months, but hope to be writing more often if time permits.  I am an all or nothing type person, so it is difficult to find a balance with blogging given my current schedule.  The hiatus hasn't intended to be permanent, but things are a bit more hectic than usual.

Rest In Peace, Our Fabulous Diva!