Friday, May 4, 2012

Favorite Things Friday: 1996 Worlds

MK's best program of '96.

Iconic Beauty.

Full-on guilty pleasure.  Oh well, the choreography is shit and only something I enjoyed at 10 years old, but I believe it may have been something to do with having a closeted Zack-Morris-like crush on the future Olympic Champion.

(Apologizes, embeds aren't working today.)

Guilty pleasure considering how many times we were forced to witness this program.  I do believe they should've turned pro after this program, as they were never going to have the technical ability to do any better or contend for gold.  Self awareness is critical.

Charming immaturity.  Such freshness.

Rudy backs up his Nationals win with a strong performance at Worlds.  Rudy!  Rudy!

Todd's winning moment in a hideous costume.  I live for the Toddstipation.  If you miss this program, it is exactly like his next eight long programs.

Unlike Alissa Czisny, Tara shows how to respond to a disastrous short program.  Let's face it, the program is adorable and the Speed soundtrack suited her.  We all supported Tara until she actually started winning way ahead of schedule.

I live for Masha telling us that she stops traffic when she roller blades down Pushkinskaya Ulitsa.  It is never a shock to hear that Masha, Khorkina and Anissina are friends.

The Paso!

Something just works about this program.  This is the year the top two teams had a fluff about their solid friendship and about how friendship was more important than winning.  By 1997 Worlds, they couldn't stand one another.

The new kids.  Dick always loved her and I always loved Dick expressing his love of ice dance to the rest of us, as unworthy as we may be of his flamboyant intellect.

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  1. You forgot this--an angel on ice:
    Poor quality but Dick Button's commentary at the end is incisive.

    And the encore:

    But where is Salome?