Thursday, May 31, 2012

This and That

Color me surprised.  I never thought I'd live to see the day where Midori Ito won a competition for artistry, not jumping.  I am devastated that she hasn't brought back 'The Rose of Pain,' for the ISU Adult Competition in Obertsdorf.

Then again, Miki Ando is now competing for art's skate.  I have heard and seen it all.  Maybe Miki finally got those hearing aids and is able to hear the music she is skating to for once.  Maybe.  Then again, she dated Morozov despite all evidence that it was a bad idea.  Me thinks Miki Ando is not the brightest bulb.

Getting to Know Sarah Finnegan

Interview with Lucinda Ruh

Volosozhar and Trankov tweeted a photo from NYC.  I need to leave work and get a slice of Maxim for lunch.

Sarah Hughes the writer just won't go away.  I am convinced that long after we die, the Hughes family will still be winning medals that make us roll over in our graves.  God must owe them.  (Skating really isn't the biggest Title IX sport, but it is Sarah Hughes' personal campaign.)

Olivia Vivian and Laura Ann Chong make elite comebacks.  Vivian is definitely someone Liddick should consider for London.

Ms. 49th place Danna Durante is guaranteed to make $175,000 a year for six years with all sorts of incentives.  She is going to be a millionaire before she has done squat.  While it is a tremendous vote of confidence from the athletic department, eager to make this move seem extremely positive for all involved with the university and the program, it is a continued slap in the face for Jay Clark.  They were never this excited about him taking over the program.  Danna now has even more pressure on her shoulders.  Hopefully, she will deliver and bring some sass, zing and success back to Athens.  We've been dozing off in between Shayla's mistakes.

Can Belu bring Romania back to the top?  Nadia is all for Belu.  She really is the tool of the Romanian people. Nancy Armour is superb, but her article is a bit misleading.  Belu did not really take over until 1989.  He was only an assistant with the program for many years.

Dominique Dawes: All Grown Up

More NHK Videos

Yuko Shintake

Asuka Teramoto

Wendy Williams is headlining Philly Pride.  Drag Race float?


  1. I tried liking Sarah and her skating. I just can't seem to do it. I was really hoping that she would find a new career since she graduated but that didn't work out so we have to endure.

  2. When is Dominique Dawes going to come out as a lesbian?

  3. Something I'll never forget is how Peggy Flemming used to talk adoringly about Sarah's "natural grace." I would think, "Are you blind? WHAT are you LOOKING at?" Boggles the brain.

    BTW, is everyone aware that Sarah and Emily have twin nieces that are following in their aunties' footsteps? Oh yes, horror of all horrors! We truly WILL all be rolling over in our graves (and in the meantime, wishing we were in them) as the Hughes legacy lives on . . .

  4. Laura Ann Chong needs to give it a rest.....enough said.