Monday, May 7, 2012

The Men Who Ruled The World

Aleksandr Fadeev 1985

A look at the men who ruled the world.  How would you rank your favorite performances?

Brian Boitano 1986

Brian Orser 1987

Brian Boitano 1988

Kurt Browning 1989

Kurt Browning 1990

Kurt Browning 1991

Viktor Petrenko 1992

Kurt Browning 1993

Elvis Stojko 1994

Elvis Stojko 1995

Todd Eldredge 1996

Elvis Stojko 1997

Alexei Yagudin 1998

Alexei Yagudin 1999

Alexei Yagudin 2000

Evgeny Plushenko 2001

Alexei Yagudin 2002

Evgeny Plushenko 2003

Evgeny Plushenko 2004

Stephane Lambiel 2005

Stephane Lambiel 2006

Brian Joubert 2007

Jeff Buttle 2008

Evan Lysacek 2009

Daisuke Takahashi 2010

Patrick Chan 2011

Patrick Chan 2012


  1. Chan, by a mile

  2. I pray that first comment was sarcastic.

  3. In 1986, Brian B. had "the facts but not the phosphorescence", as Uncle Dick used to say. Technically brilliant but not much style. Smartest thing he ever did was to go to Sandra Bezic. I've thought several times this season that Paddy Chan is like Boitano before Bezic.

  4. The best comment of all is by aunt joyce, kudos for leaving the most over rated least deserving olympian scott hamilton off the list.

  5. AJ totally did that on purpose LMAO

  6. Yeah but skipping Scott prevented him from going back further and including John Curry unfortunately.

  7. I wish you put in Rudy Galindo 1996!
    He won the US Nationals that year, and got 3rd in the World...
    But his Swan Lake LP is one of my all-time favorites!