Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Take That, Izbasa! (This and That)

Oh McKayla, always a one-upping diva!

Rebecca Bross confirms she is specializing on bars and beam.

Dominique Dawes reflects on her Olympic experiences.  I love that Shannon Milller and Dominique Dawes still compete, this team they try to be more articulate and well-spoken.  I live for Dominique letting us know that Barcelona is in Spain and that Trials will be in San Jose.  Frankly, I was waiting for her to say "San Jose, California."  I'm fascinated by Diva Dawes, her inspirational CDs and her desire to push Mrs. Obama out of the way.

"Being in Atlanta, Georgia."  Dawes learned how to say: Kelli Hill, my coach, in her Journalism classes and didn't realize that it sounds awkward in  everyday speech.

Note to interviewer: Was Dawes' vault the next rotating finishing strong?

Evan and Nastia are leaning on one another in their comebacks.  It would be smart if Nastia switched representation to Shep Goldberg, who could make her a fake ambassador to all of Soviet Russia and set her up for life.

DWTS confirms an all star edition this fall.  How will Mark and Derek dance with multiple partners each?  Will Kristi Yamaguchi, the all-time high scorer return, or will we see Sabrina and Mark dancing together yet again?  Hell, will we be forced to watch Shawn Johnson and Nicole Scherzinger?

Michelle Obama supports Team USA at the media summit.

Interview with Ellie Black.

Aly Raisman's training videos are proof of the adage, "Practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent."

Finals at the European Championships

Team Finals

Vault and Bars

Beam and Floor

Dare Maxwell at JO Nationals.

MLT posted new drills and seems to be working her ass off to fix Amelia Hundley.


  1. OMG!!!!!! Mckayla's vault, is perfection. She lands about five feet further, from the vaulting table, than anyone ever has on that vault. With prefect form of-course!! *DIVA* *ALL HAIL THE VAULTING QUEEN* *Cheng Who*

  2. The Mckayla video quality sucks. You can't even tell what she is doing in the air because of the bright lights. For all we know she could be tucked a bit like Sandra.

  3. Yeah the bright lights kinda ruined that for me as well... But knowing Maroney... I think its properly laid out... we just have to wait for a better video quality... But so far, BRAVA!

  4. The landing certainly looked good!

    What's the story on Dare Maxwell? She seems to be getting a lot of attention lately. (Not suggesting she shouldn't... just wondering why...).

  5. Dare's mother posts training and competition videos regularly on youtube. If more did that, they would be featured as well. I also tend to like her gymnastics, Shannon Miller's Dynamo Gym not having changed a coat of paint, and I'm a sucker for gymnasts who excel on the skill events in general. I think KJ Kindler could do wonders for her.

  6. I am so sorry for Becca Bross - regardless if I like her gymnastics or not - having worked through so much for such a long time and then bam and its over...

  7. Bross waited too long to heal her leg in 2010. It will never be the same. It has been two years of hell for her ever since.

  8. I feel so bad for rebecca bross. I hope she wins gold for bars and beam. She deserves it sososososososososooooo much. I'll be cheering you on from home becca!!!!

  9. MLT yelling at girls to push their teammates legs harder is priceless.

  10. Rebecca was injured and ruined in 2010, long before Nastia returned. He has questioned Becca's discipline for years and feels she is often out of shape.

  11. I think he sidelined her for Ohashi long before Nastia was back in the picture.