Saturday, May 5, 2012

This and That

Beth Tweddle, Hannah Whelan and Jenni Pinches aim for London.

Marissa King returns to the UK next week to train and possibly go for a second Olympics if all goes well.  King did suffer a groin pull prior to the NCAA Championships.  The British could certainly use her experience.

Lambiel at All That Skate

Kohei Uchimura dominated the NHK Cup with a 15+ on each event.  He looks ready for gold and deserves it.

Results. (More videos after the jump.)

Telling Quotes from  Suzanne Yoculan, Jay Clark and the Athletic Director on the forced resignation and coaching situation in Athens.

Kohei Uchimiura

Koji Yamamuro

Al Fong teaches us geingers.  I keep waiting for him to teach us yurchenkos too.  Forget the '80s, Terin's DTY is good enough to for a few nightmares.


  1. But those are some beautiful geingers! Every GAGE girl, in Jesolo had a perfect one:)