Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This and That

Catching up with Jordyn Wieber

Sexy Derek Hough and Maria Menounos were voted off DWTS after earning a perfect 30 this week.

The Draw for the Secret US Classic.  Of course, not everyone will compete all events.  It is interesting that Maroney is starting on vault, Li starts on bars and Liukin and Bross start on beam.  It is presumed that Liukin will compete beam and train bars at Classics before doing both events at Nationals and Trials.  Sloan starts on floor.

Marvin Tran's citizenship has hit a snag.  Does anyone really think  the JSF won't get it settled with a potential team gold at stake in Sochi?  They are insane about winning.  I'm not remotely concerned about this remaining unresolved.  This is the token media campaign to get something done.

Akiko Suzuki is aiming for more.  Some people don't know that when they get their Paul Wylie miracle medal, it is time to turn professional.

Interview with Weaver and Poje

An article with Hugo Chouinard on creating skating music.

The DWTS Finalists:

Mark Ballas and Katherine Jenkins (Injury and all!)

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd

Cheryl Burke and William Levy

From the YAS Challenge:

Wes Campbell's Bolero via Robert Mauti's choreography.

Tommy Steenberg

Emily Tuttle is as Sarah Lawrence as possible reviewing the Young Artists showcase.  Watching her trying to be PC when one of the choreographers named Mark Ballas as their inspiration is one of life's true joys.

Emily's expression when discussing Bebe's choice of Firebird and Rob's choice of Bolero is extra pleasurable if you've ever had to deal with English majors at a liberal arts college.

And a great video from last week, the great Garrett Kling choreographed for the incomparable Jason Brown.  Garrett is my favorite contestant.


  1. It seems that all of the gymnasts are starting on their best event. Maroney/Wieber (VT), Douglas/Li (Bars), Liukin/Bross/Ross (Beam), Raisman (FX)... Very interesting!

  2. Wow, I've never heard of Garrett King but that is some impressive stuff. And not to mention great interpretation and skating skills from Jason Brown. I really enjoyed that. Nearly welled up when I saw his word.

  3. We knew about Shawn missing from classics but no Bridgey and no Macko... ODD

  4. Bridgey reinjured her knee in training before the American Classic and is trying to get it healthy for Nationals. Macko just had cleanup surgery on both ankles and won't be doing elite this summer.

  5. That Tommy Steenberg piece--music AND choreography--needs to be Jeremy Abbott's new SP!!! Stat!

  6. Ooh, also really liking the Kling piece on Jason Brown! Great music selection.