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America's Muscle Daddies vs the USA Bottoms: Live Blog of Men's Trials (by Margaret Thatcher)

Because Aunt Joyce has not yet arrived to the office, Margaret Thatcher will provide a British perspective on the men's artistic gymnastics Olympic Trials. Having spent time fighting Argentina, I am an astute observer of Latin American history and hunky Latino tops.

Ay papi! The muscle daddies are off and running. 

With an unfortunate floor performance, Danell Leyva has let down Gloria Estefan, Elian Gonzales, John Secada, and everyone watching this to see him in those shorts.

As they say in the Bronx, the handsome John Orozco ha convertido en un hombre activo y puede dominar a todos los chicos de esta tarde. The boys in London may find themselves on the receiving end of the powerful thrusts and swings of America's Bronx boricuo champion. However, according to Al Trautwig, we are only tuned in to see John wave to his parents who dodged bullets to be here.

Sam Mikulak demonstrates his Czechoslovak beauty every time he breathes. Do we care how well he landed his triple Tsukahara? If USA Gymnastics will not have him, I am certain BelAmi will.

One more hit for the daddies. Steve Legendre rocked his high bar for the hell of it.

For a change of pace, one of the bottoms showed how well he can keep his legs together on pommel horse.

Orozco landed a wonderful Kristie Phillips vault. That should not have been stood up, but this man is a fine gamer.  

J Ho Horton is looking sinewy as he tries to uphold the tradition of American power bottoms. Chris Brooks achieved a broadcast highlight with a strong double front pike on vault.

The NBC trio is consumed by their knowledge of the selection process (which happens to be not particularly deep or interesting). They forget the audience who could use information about the athletes and indeed the sport.

Poor little J Ho just hurt his cause on highbar.                                          

Leyva's vault.... Ugh..

This broadcast has come down to a question of leadership. Can J Ho fill the void as the team's most experienced bottom? Ooops that floor mistake was a hot mess.

Leyva ended the day by showing that when the chips are down, you should always send in a muscular top to complete the job.

As the chalk clears, the gymnastics officials are announcing that we have one team with one dream. The bottoms have been vanquished, but they must now join hands with the muscle daddies and take on the world in London.

Final Men's Standings

All Around

1 Danell Leyva (LatinoTops/Trojan Condoms) 368.350
2 John Orozco (Hot Daddies/Fabuloso) 367.400
3 Jonathan Horton (Sr Bottom Honors) 361.500
4T Chris Brooks (Sexy) 358.350
4T Jake Dalton (Jr Bottoms) 358.350
6 Paul Ruggeri (G.A.Y.) 352.800
7 C.J. Maestas (Jr Bottoms) 351.750
8 Steven Legendre (Big Daddies Gym) 351.100
9T Glen Ishino (Gliders) 348.800
9T Brandon Wynn (Buckeye Bottoms) 348.800
11 Alexander Naddour (PizzaHut) 348.100
12 Alex Buscaglia (JerseyShore GTL/Stanford) 347.500
13 Josh Dixon (Big Daddies Gym) 345.350
14 David Sender (Jr Bottoms) 342.450
15 Sam Mikulak (BelAmi Online) 289.050

Oh, girl!

Oh, girl, I love you!  I'm just like this is my style too!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sloan News Piece

Quote of the Day

"If anything, it would be, like me in 2008, the grace side of it," Johnson said. "The judges, for some reason, like the grace, the flexibility, the dance and artistry, and when you're a powerhouse like she is, you don't have that side. I like the power, but it's about finding that balance. It's hard. She makes up for it with her crazy difficulty."  #drytearsforshawn

Breaking News

Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise.  Maybe Julianne Hough will get all of her film roles too.  Should she leave Seacrest for Cruise?  Who is offering more in beard money?

Good for Suri, it isn't like Tom was her biological father anyway.

Olympic Trails Day 1 Live Blog

Well bitches, here we are.  The Olympic Trails.  Frankly, I just did Shiva Rea's lunar flow yoga to find my inner piece in order to get through this event without the need for Xanax or Svedka during Nastia's bars and Gabby Douglas' beam routine.  I was supposed to be having a viewing party, but no one in Manhattan can afford space large enough to host others except for Tara Lipinski and she stole our dreams like she stole Michelle's medal and headed to the Hamptons.

The crowd at Trials is supposedly intense.  This will be quite the night.  For those of you drinking...

1. Take a shot every time Tim or Elfi mention that the beam is only four inches wide while one of the girls are wobbling or falling and undoubtedly wanting to take their own life.

2. Take a shot if Alicia's beam fall from Beijing is mention.  Take a drink if it is shown.

3.  Take a shot if NBC shows Nastia's bar woes from Nationals.

4.  Take a sip if Nastia and Bross fail to look at one another after routines.

5.  Take a drink if they make genuine eye contact.

6.  Take a drink if Bross at any times looks like her life is in danger.

7.  Take two shots if it is on her Patterson dismount.

8.  Take a sip every time Martha Karolyi is mentioned by two names.

9.  Take a sip every time she looks unfriendly.

10.  Take a drink every time Tim mentions seeing someone do gymnastics (or that skill) as a little girl or in the past.

11.  Take two shots if it is Maroney on vault.

12.  Take a sip every time John Geddert looks like a tool.

13.  Take a drink if NBC shows the white board.

14.  Take a shot if it looks like Elfi is fumbling with the white board names on camera.

15.  Take a drink every time you question the testosterone levels of any of the gymnasts in Group A (the power gymnast group.)

Let's do this.

Canadian Trials

What a save!  This team really needed Peng Peng and Vaculik as a dynamic duo.

Finally an Olympian

The rest...  (Warning, the Canadian eh interview is God. Awful.)

Favorite Things Friday!

Your guilty pleasure.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

This and That

Canadian Women's Olympic Team:
Kristina Vaculik, Victoria Moors, Brittany Rogers, Dominique Pegg and Ellie Black.

Alternates: Jessica Savona and Madeline Gardiner

Great article on Thomas Finchum

Feature on Maroney and Ross.  Apparently they are BFF, we just never see them in photos together, yet see Maroney with Raisman and Wieber constantly.  I contend that Ross would be a more exciting gymnast if she were less Caucasian.  If you are going to wear heel pads, I want your feet touching your nose on your sheep jumps.  Give me a red and yellow leotard with a pink scrunchie!

Podium Training Videos after the jump.

Celebrating the Men of Team USA

Tank tops are all the rage this summer and so are these muscle daddies.

Men's Trials: Day 1

Quick Hits

Live Scores

Watch Live on NBC Sports Net (No live streaming tonight because they just don't care about the men the same way.)

How is your team shaping up?  Who will surprise?

Photo of the Day: Our Inspiration

God Bless Rudolph Nureyev!

This and That

Women's Podium Training

Mark Hanretty edged out Garrett Kling in the YAS finals by half a star.  Job well done to both lads.

The final rankings for the Canadian Women's Team (It is projected they will take the top five and the sixth will be the alternate, but they are delaying their announcement.  The fifth and sixth sports will be finalized this evening.  The powers that be are not sold on Ellie Black, but there are rumors they aren't thrilled with Savona either.)
1. Vaculik  (93.2 points)
2. Moors (83 points)
3. Rogers (41.6 points)
4. Pegg (33.9 points)
5. Black (26.6 points)
6. Savona (23.2 points)
7. Gardiner (14.6 points)
8. Gerber (7 points)
9. Dowling (5.4 points)
10. Tsang (5 points)
11. Unick (2 points)

Jade Barbosa is out of the Olympics over a refusal to sign a contract to wear a leotard with the designated sponsor logo.

Martha update.

Interview with Maroney.

NBC: As Tacky As Ever

This morning, Ann Curry announced that it was her final broadcast as co-anchor of the Today Show.  It was perhaps the worst-kept secret in television that she was being replaced by Savannah Guthrie.  The ratings have dropped for Today and GMA is narrowing the gap, even winning some weeks. Changes need to be made and Ann Curry is seen as what has changed.  Perhaps it was never meant to be.

I Can't Wait.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Podium Training Videos

Nastia looks good on bars, but the pirouettes could be sharper, the pak is still overly-spotted and the dismount can have more amplitude with a better landing.  She is good, but this is where she needed to be at VISAs.  This routine didn't look as confident as the routine she did yesterday, but she may have been more nervous going for the dismount in public in front of Martha, etc.

Douglas on beam.

Photo of the Day

Polina Semionova performs Odette in Swan Lake at the Met last night.  Performances run all week.

This and That

Ellie Black at Canadian Trials.  Girlfriend was hosed by the judges and has dropped in the Canadian points ranking.  #politics

Madeline Gardiner at Canadian Trials.

Mikaela Gerber has only slightly better odds of making it than Sabrina Vega and Brenna Dowell, but she is lovely to watch.

Great Profile on Danell Leyva

Men's Olympic Trials Podium Training Quick Hits from San Jose

Word is that Anastasia Sidorova is out with an injury and that Anna Dementyeva is back in the mix at the Olympic Training Camp.

Men's Podium Training Highlights

Having a Moment...

It's been a while...

This and That

Abby Lee Miller's take on The Hunger Games

Fantastic Anna Li Feature (with video)

Akiko Suzuki will be skating to Kill Bill for her short and Cirque du Soleil's "O" for her long.  This is what skaters now skate to when they want to be different, just like Armin Mahbanoozadeh and the countless others who have used this music.

In the words of Margaret Thatcher, "Moceanu and her half sister were on Dr. Drew today."  I will not be satisfied until Moceanu and Mike are the Bart and Nadia of the Paralympic Games.

Bela and Mary Lou's quaddrenial mediawhoredom

Trou Dumais' strength training for Trials

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Podium Training Videos

The bar routine looks better.  It is not upgraded, nor is she doing the dismount in her routine in training.  The pak is still spotted a bit much, but not nearly as bad as it was before Nationals. She will need to nail all four routines like it is 2008.

Gabby looks solid.  Her pak continues to flip a bit much.  It is definitely a skill you could see her overdoing if she is to have a McCool moment in London.

This and That

Wieber's bar routine in podium training with an upgrade.

John Orozco: An Emerging Star at 19

Canadian Trials Results:
1. Vaculik 55.150
2. Moors  55.000
3. Rogers 54.300
4. Savona 53.700
5. Gerber 52.450
6-T. Pegg 52.050
6-T. Black 52.050
8. Gardiner 51.250

It appears that Black did not get credit for a layout position on vault.  The powers that be are not promoting on the country's big talents.

Quick Hit Tweets from Kyle Shewfelt

Interview with Paul and Islam

Maroney rocks an Amanar.

Nastia on beam.  She is really improving.  If only she came back three months sooner and fixed the shoulder.

More Trials Videos after the jump!

Men's Olympic Trials Podium Training Videos

Our boyfriend looks great.

Sasha Cohen Legendre is teasing us with his amazing potential and ability.

How is your team shaping up?

Olympic Trials Podium Training Videos

I've needed these bitches in my life.  It has been too long since Nationals.  My inner Russian wants Gabby to get her back leg up on that switch ring.

Did ASac ditch the mount combo? #realitycheck #frontdoublefullmyass

Who is on your team?  Your alternates?

Olympic Trials Draw

Friday, Night 1

Sunday, Night 2

All the bar divas are together.

This and That

Kristi Yamaguchi spoke about her new Lord & Taylor sportswear line: Tsu.ya

Questions surrounding Maroney

Jenny Kirk's tips to end emotional and binge eating.

Pasquale Carmerlengo on choreography.

Samuelson and Gilles officially announced the end of their partnership.  It sounds like funding became an issue.  Emily is on the hunt for a new partner, while Todd is looking to coach.  The split is an amicable one.

This year's token update on Bela Karolyi and Kerri Strug.  He is as fake as ever, while we do see her with her baby.

USAG chats with Chellsie Memmel.  Looks like she is kissing ass to make sure she has a future career.

Shirtless Troy Dumais previews Olympic Trials.  Why was this only uploaded to youtube today?!

Dawes on Trials

Olympic Trials will all be live streams (Fri, Sat & Sun!)

Pro-Parkette Article about Trials

Q+A with Sam Mikulak

The YAS Finals will be streamed live tomorrow from 6:30-8:30 ET.

Foray Into Adult Skating: The Silver Moves Test

All True

Extension: Fair.  My ass is doubling up on yoga and ballet.

Apologies for not writing last night, but I passed out in a stress-relief coma after getting home from work, eating my Cheerios and catching Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte square off.  Yesterday was a long day.  A good day, but a long one.  Oddly, my knees felt fairly present during my moves test yesterday.  My upper body as another story.

The practice and warm up went reasonably well.  I don't think I ever made it through my spiral sequence once on regulation-sized ice without a child or synchro-destined skater cutting me off, but I managed to be relatively calm.  Of course, Natasha thought I looked nervous and asked me if I felt like working so hard to fail my test.  She said I looked like _________________(insert name of chubby, questionably talented student.)  I told her that I don't believe in eating and flashed her quite the look.  My next attempt at power fulls was infinitely better.

Oddly, my coach was not nearly the most entertaining one there.  When you take 'real' tests with three judges watching up top, your coach is alone with you near the ice and likely having a heart attack.  Yet, there is a fabulous British ice dancer from the 1976 Olympics who was commenting that she needed a gin and tonic to get through her 'dreadful' student's test prior to taking it.  Her students may be too young to fully comprehend her humor, but I cannot get enough of this well-coiffed diva.

Tiger Mother Alert:  One Asian mom dressed her tiny son in a suit and fought with him to do his hair in the lobby.  He was as shaky as could be with still being absolutely adorable on his moves test.  He passed and they were both very happy.

The test:

My eight step mohawk was skated as conservatively as possible.  It certainly wasn't by design.  My body decided that I would be taking small steps and leaving nothing to chance.  My rhythm was slightly off, but I frankly did not care.  It was over and I felt like any mistakes I made after that point were my own damn fault and due to pure nerves.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Oldie But Goodie: 1991 ITA v. USSR

Boginskaya.  Gutsu. Galieva. Kalinina. Grudneva. Lysenko. Chusovitina.

Photo of the Day

How many can you identify?

Diving: A Celebration

There are two things I love about this photo...

Bud Greenspan needs to narrate our lives.

Nick McCrory after dropping and smashing his trophy like Ekaterina Gordeeva on Battle of the Blades.

This and That

Danell Leyva high bar training for Olympic Trials.

David Boudia and Nick McCrory had solid days to make the Olympic Team for the 10 M platform.  Sadly, Thomas Finchum finished third and retired from the sport.  Thomas is actually a talented county
singer with a band.

The Dives:
1. David Boudia
2. Nick McCrory
3. Thomas Finchum

David Boudia, who seems like a driven guy itching to be married, dove solidly to make the Olympic Team.  Praise God.  He had a few spectacular dives and a few inconsistencies to pick up, less he want to hear Cynthia Potter saying he is sliding past vertical and showing a lot of splash as he goes into the water nine degrees off vertical.  David failed to display confidence about medaling and now seems to love God too tell us what his true goals are for London.  He has the eyes of a driven competitor and somehow I think he may have been holding back when he tried to say yesterday was just another wonderful day at the pool to show the talents God gave him.

Nick McCroy is powerful, athletic and has a nice kickout despite a tuck position that is reminiscent of Mark Ruiz's with one foot flexed and one foot pointed.

Thomas Finchum's shoulder surgery and growth spurt were too much to take.  He displayed some stunning dives, but it has been downhill for him ever since David ditched him as his synchro partner.

Troy Dumais finished second in springboard to qualify as an individual as well.

LoLo Jones will be in London.

Maksim Chmerkovsky on Bethenny.

Best of Luck YAS Finalists

Best of luck to the YAS Finalists.  May Sandra Bezic one day sip from her Merlot as she reads your name from her media guide with the profundity of the words of Chekhov.

Something Ain't Right

I don't enjoy living in a world without Mad Men.

P.S. This is belated, but we cannot go on without saying ,"Happy Birthday, Meryl!"

The Thrill of it All: Bon Vivante

The Olympic Trials are an intense time for the obsessive-compulsive appreciable saps who dare to live through NBC's Broadcast of the XXX Olympiad.  Wait until you reach the manic stage of the next few weeks when you feel like Dominique Dawes on compulsory beam from the stress of it all..  And you thought Nastia had problems with that fucking bar routine!  We need to remember to appreciate the truly awesome things of the next few weeks that will make it worth it to suffer through the gnawing feelings of gluttony and laziness as we watch our favorites sweat their asses off.

I often refer to someone as being a Sasha Cohen or a Johnny, but McKayla Maroney is now approaching the odds of seeing Michelle Campi making it through three meets without a torn hip flexor or broken neck.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The British Gymnastics Championships

Tweddle's 15.75 for her 6.9 bar set keeps her medal hopes alive as the sentimental favorite.

Floor is not yet up to snuff.  Marissa King bowed out of the Trials process after the second meet due to pain in her groin having traveled to her hamstring.

Who is on your British squad?

For The Ballet Lovers

Evgenia Obraztsova rehearses La fille mal gardee

Zhenya is the one ballerina the lunatic fans don't tend to go on paragraph rants discussing and debating.  She is palatable for almost everyone.

Joy Womack graduates from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy

This and That

Maria Kharenkova at the Olympic Hopes Event

Kwan advises Kim to follow her heart

Amanda Jetter retired from elite gymnastics yesterday and will spend her last year of high school preparing for collegiate gymnastics at the University of Alabama.

Talia Chiarelli withdrew from this weekend' Canadian Olympic Trials due to a stress fracture in her back that refuses to heal.

Brandon Mroz received credit for a Quad Loop that he fell on in the short at the Broadmoor Open.

Barbie Long edged out Polina Edmunds in the Jr. Ladies Short: 56.78-55.84.  Both landed a Triple Lutz+Triple Toe, Triple Flip and Double Axel.  Katia Shpilband competed but proved she needs to switch to dance.

Q+A with Rebecca Bross

Could Finnegan score a 16 on Beam?

Paul Ruggeri welcomes the lucky freshmen.

Johnny shops on Rodeo while he asks his fans for training money.

The magic duo.

Nastia's in Women's Health Magazine

Handsome Paul Ruggeri is a friend to the freshmen.

Kristian Ipsen and Troy Dumais qualified for the Olympics in 3M Springboard Synchro event.

Troy Makes History

Dumais and Ipsen Discuss Their Olympic Goals

Friday, June 22, 2012

Jerry Sandusky Verdict

Photo of the Day

"GI Joes and office hoes."

Why I love athlete instagrams...    One of us?

I would like to thank one of ambiguously-raced readers for alerting me to this magnificent photograph.  You are a true Terin Humphrey!

Others like us...  Grindr Boy   and Adele Lover  :)

Dear Ryan Lochte, Please Stop Bitching

Lisa Weiss (and her new breasts attained for the 2006 Olympics she never was to attended) wrote in to us regarding an important article on ESPN about Ryan Lochte.  Dear Lisa is one of my favorite bitches, with a fierce stare and terrifying gaze all her own.  My favorite yoga partner enjoys reading Vogue, Vanity Fair and the NYTimes on her way to pilates, but she has had it with London's latest mediawhore, no matter how pretty he may be.

Dear Ryan Lochte, 

Please stop bitching.

Every Olympic cycle, there seems to be at least a couple pre-Olympic media darlings tumbling across our TV screens  or cursing themselves on the covers of Sports Illustrated. In 2008, it was Shawn Johnson and Michael Phelps, both of whom lived up to the hype. This year, Ryan Lochte has stolen that spotlight from the likes of Lolo Jones despite her virginal claims. Gracing the covers of everything from Vogue to Men’s Health, Lochte with his piercing blue eyes and boyish good looks, is a refreshing alternative to Phelps. As a Baltimore native, I was rather sick of the coverage on Phelps’ pancake consumption which turned out to be false after all. We were forced to read about Phelps’ caloric intake because there was simply nothing else to write about the kid. He swam and ate when he wasn’t getting caught up in DUIs, bong-gate, and Vegas strip clubs. If you asked me to tell you something about Phelps outside of the pool and outside of his run-ins with the law, I’d tell you that he eats a lot. Aside from being the greatest Olympian of all time, his pre-Olympic media coverage centered around his quest for eight gold medals and his diet.
Please stop wearing these ridiculous outfits.  You look stupid.

Now, it’s Lochte’s time. While there is slightly more to say about him than Phelps, everything I read he is complaining. In the NY Times cover article, his first quotation is, I just want to be done… If I do really good at the Olympics,” he said, “it’s going to be 10 times worse. Balancing all that stuff out” with swimming, he added, “just drains me.” Well guess what Mr. Lochte, all athletes work out hard. No one is forcing you into these endorsement deals. You are taking them because they are paying you millions of dollars. We do not feel bad for you that you are tired. You would not have an Audi R8, a Range Rover, a Lamborghini, and 130 pairs of shoes without those endorsements. And you wonder why your house was burglarized…  Nor do we feel bad, that you cannot find a girlfriend. As he complains in his OTL feature in ESPN, "Is there a decent girl out there who doesn't lie?" he asks. "They all lie. They're all evil. I just want to meet someone who is real, who is honest. Who doesn't just want me for money or fame, who wants to love me as a person." 

Yes, Ryan, there are plenty of girls out there. You just might have to look in different places than your buddy Phelps, outside the Gainesville strip club scene, or for that matter, I would recommend looking outside the state of Florida. As your family agrees, "He doesn't know the difference between a good girl and a bad girl," Devon adds. "I'll tell him, 'Ry, this is not the kind of girl that we would bring home to Mom.” Though I am sure you will face enormous pressure in London, we do not sympathize with you for being unable to have a drink in peace in a Gainesville bar, you shouldn’t be drinking anyway and you live in Gainesville, Florida. Are you really surprised you’re recognized there? As if all this wasn’t enough, the most preposterous complaint of all, cold water. Yes, you read that correctly, our potential golden boy of London is complaining that the pool he had one practice in, was too cold. 

Ry Ry, I challenge you to feel the numbness of couple hours in an ice rink. Then, we’ll talk over beers in Tribeca where you won’t be recognized, and I can introduce you to some nice girls who will definitely own fewer shoes than you. 
Lisa Weiss

Note: This is not the REAL Lisa Weiss, though the author does enjoy her BSB-loving husband.

A Cure For Your Gymnastics Anxiety

As we wait with joyful praise for the coming of our gymnastics saviors to San Jose, it is time that we visited some of our old European friends from back in the day.  The Russians and Romanians used to travel to Italy long before Team USA did.  In these old clips, you'll see rare footage of Dina Kotchetkova, Svetlana Khorkina, Yelena Grosheva, Yelena Dogopolova, Claudia Presecan and Alexandra Marinescu testing out skills and routines long before they made it *big.*  

Favorite Things Friday: Beauty Edition

So glad she forgot her real dress at home!

The beam queen!

This and That

Kim looks back on the Olympics process.  It is amazing that she leaves out Bela having her doing endless repetitions to get that double layout consistent as her leg was failing.  Zmeskal is one tough girl who should've been rewarded with a 10.000 on floor at Trials.

Evgeny Plushenko will perform a long program to Nino Rota's Romeo and Juliet this season.  He is working on it in Italy with Kenji Miyamoto.  Mishin says it is going well and that he is completely healthy.  It is yet to be seen how he will flail his arms to this music, but I have complete confidence that he will accomplish the task.

Yu-Na Kim and Michelle Kwan are considering skating together for the Closing Ceremonies at the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games.  Kwan says she has not skated since her last show with Yu-Na.

Yao Jinnan in the Olympic Year

Jamie Sale and Craig Simpson married this week.  The ice breeds romance when you're lifting someone by their naughty bits.

Averbukh's Russian stars are coming to London  (I think we all need to kiss Averbukh's ass to be employed skaters para siempre.)

Rohene Ward Update

LA Times Feature on Gabby Douglas

NBC Olympics Gabby Douglas Feature

David Boudia is officially returning to the Olympics after his win the 10M Synchro with Nick McCroy. (Video)

Rebecca Bross is becoming a sentimental favorite this year.  After years of not being our favorite, she seems to have grown on everyone with her resilience.

The LA Times makes Breaking Pointe the latest scapegoat for perfectionism and its devastating effects on society.  (The other subjective sports are next.  Frankly, the show couldn't buy this publicity.)

Dare Maxwell works her back full on beam.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The New Adam Rippon

New hair and new tank top wardrobe for summer.

Our boy Curly Sue has made quite the transformation since moving to Detroit to train with Yuka and Jason.  Lately, our boy has grown up and discovered his inner hot body and has been showing off his peak form on Twitter.  He has the look of someone who has a new level of confidence after a new life event.  Maybe he is excited about dating Alissa Czisny or something? ;)   Does Adam seem different to you?  Is he just getting in touch in his inner Don Draper?  What do you make of the new Adam Rippon?  And the new hair? The pierced ears?

Images of Breaking Pointe

Girls who pose together...

Hooked on Breaking Pointe

The fourth episode of Breaking Pointe airs tonight, but it has been a while since we've sufficiently discussed the stars of Ballet Meets The Hills.  Last week's episode gave hope that they may be able to turn the series into more of a summer hit that could grow into another season or two.

Last week, Allison struggled with not getting the role she desired, yet being cast as Adam's bitch for Paquita.  Basically, she had to learn multiple roles with insufficient rehearsal time and had a crazy exacting Russian demanding perfection from her.  Allison meets a crazy Russian with insufficient practice.  Does that sound staged by Adam Sklute and producers to you?  We've gotten to know a bit more about our diva: her parents divorced and caused her to quit ballet for several years, which is why she is behind in terms of other girls her age, yet actually has a job at Ballet West and is still considered for roles by Adam.  It is also why she is so unwilling to commit to her Osmond boyfriend.  Of course, this vulnerable diva is also a major faghag who is on the hunt for a man for resident token gay Tom Mattingly (unless the other pretty boys are repressed.)

This and That

Yu-Na Kim and Michelle Kwan at the 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics Winter Games Press Conference

Shawn Johnson is making more money than you.  Frankly, we can't escape her.  Even Mary Lou Retton is jealous.  We will never be rid of her.  Frankly, they should just let her host DWTS.  No one could be worse than Brooke Burke.

Interview with Allison DeBona of Breaking Pointe

Favorite Things with Sassy Log Cabin Republican Tim Goebel

London's Calling Raisman and Sacramone

Beijing Test Has Sacramone Better Prepared

Brace yourselves,   Dominique Moceanu is officially an NYTimes bestselling "author" and the rest of us aren't.

Our friends at the RNZB rehearsed the first act of their latest ballet with a young girl with cystic fibrosis.  Jaered looks lovely as always!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This and That

Jordyn Wieber makes the cereal box BEFORE the Olympics.  Shall our Jewish superstition take over?!  What would Jill Zarin say if it were Ramona's daughter?!  Congrats to Jordyn, as being on a cereal box is indeed making it.

Peggy Liddick announced her Olympic Team:
Georgia Bonora
Ashleigh Brennan
Emily Little
Larrissa Miller
Lauren Mitchell
1st Alt: Georgia Rose Brown
2nd Alt: Mary-Anne Monckton

There have been rumors surrounding an eye condition to Lambiel that could keep him out of shows and prevent him from choreographing.  A closed Lambiel Facebook group (info is allowed to be shared) reveals that Peter Grutter told a journalist that Miki Ando has arrived in Switzerland to work on choreography and that Machida will come on July 8th.

Olympic Stars Missing In Action

David Boudia and Nick McCroy rocking my lucky color in 10 M Synchro Prelims

Temper Tantrum Drama on Breaking Pointe!

Love For Shiva Rea

I have a low bullshit tolerance, but I do have an affinity for yoga.  After having enough of Rodney Yee and his booty shorts, I decided to give Shiva Rea's Yoga Shaki a try.  It may be the great workout DVD that I own.  Shiva Rea is absolutely fantastic.  While she does talk about opening your heart to your inner Surya, I find her workouts challenging, beneficial and calming.  Filmed on gorgeous beaches with Indian trance-like music, the DVD is easier to get into than other yoga DVDs that lack the organic experience.  If you allow yourself to get into it, it is a gratifying experience.

Over the course of taking up skating, I've learned a lot about my body.  I tend to carry my tension in my shoulder blades, lower back and hamstrings. I have a way of trying to control my body and tensing instead of letting go and trusting myself. Whenever I skate with my coach, I hear that I raise my shoulders when tense.  This is one area that I've really been working to release with yoga.  Strengthening my core, improving my flexibility and releasing my tight hamstrings are constant priorities.  I like to attend Bikram yoga classes, but doing yoga at home is far more convenient.

One of the great features of Shiva Rea's Yoga Shakti workout is that it allows you to customize your own working using the yoga matrix feature on the DVD.  The DVD also has four set workouts which range from 36-92 minutes in length.  The Basic Flow is a good workout for beginners getting into yoga, a quick stretching session in the morning, warming up for skating or even for someone looking to get back into doing yoga regularly.  The other workouts are increasingly challenging.

Who are the yogis out there?  Do you do yoga in classes or at home?  How much of the woo woo talk can you stand when doing yoga? Which workouts do your recommend?  Has it changed your life?

Photos of the Day

David Boudia's post semi finals ice bath at 12:30 a.m.

Betty Okino visits Dominique Moceanu at her book signing.