Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This and That

I'm so glad USAG's video of the day is an interview with Alicia and not a routine I'd actually enjoy seeing...

Quick Hits from the Junior Women's Team Finals at the European Championships.  Much luck to Maria Kharenkova, a budding diva.  I do love that there is another Romanian named Andreea Munteanu and no one comments on it.  Then again, she may be the same underage girl that competed at 2003 Worlds.

Nobuo Sato Hall of Fame Induction

The Shibutanis hit the White House.

Info on Yao Jinnan's bruised knee.

Alena Leonova Feature

Tasha Schwikert's biggest gymnastics mentors.  Fun note, when Bela sees 'Sasha,' he also jokes that they should play doubles tennis together and go against her mother and her aunt who played at Wimbledon.

Have no fear, Mark Ballas and Derek Hough will make the semi finals on DWTS with hunky William Levy, domineering Cheryl Burke and lovely Peta.  Oh, and their partners, only we know who we really watch on the show!  Hag on the Prairie did cry tears of suspected vodka and botox upon being eliminated from the show.

Mike Greenberg dances with Anna Trebunskaya for a few special judges.


  1. I'm actually really happy to see an interview to see how is Alicia going.
    And lots of people commented on Andra Munteanu's name when she was one of the competitors in previous meets. And the beautiful Andrea Munteanu of 2004 was never foung underage, and this Romanian team didn't need an underage gymnast to dominate on floor and beam (Andrea's strenghts) and unfortunately Andrea was struggling with injury after injury. And for god's shake, how old do you think she was at 2004? 7? Cause that's the only way she'd still be competing as a junior

  2. He was being facetious that ANDREEA is still competing. You're more than a bit dense.

    And there is no way Munteanu was of age in 03/04.

  3. Does anyone know where Alicia is taking classes online?

  4. I've seen quite a few comment on Munteanu- and yes, actually seeming to seriously ask if it is the same one. She wasn't THAT underage.