Saturday, July 27, 2013

Secret Classic: A Live Blog by AJ and Catty Comments

It's a been a while. I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting. But I'm here now...

If McKayla Maroney is going to compete, Catty and I are going to be live blogging. It just has to happen. We are tentatively excited for this evening. Though we have seen promising videos from podium training, we are still haunted by memories of the Beijing Olympians phoning it in during the 2009 edition of whatever USAG is calling the meet.

2013 Shhhhhh Secret Classic Live Blog - da Juniors - by @CattyComments

Kittens it's me, Catty! I was going to save my snark for the seniors, and then I blew up after that unholy slow national anthem when I saw Sam Peszek inexplicably wear that country club green tent shirt with boobalicious latticework. WHAT? Let's get this started!


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