Saturday, May 5, 2012

This and That

Alicia vaults at the Training Camp.  Alicia has really pushed to get back into form after her torn achilles.  Sadly, it may not matter, as no one has her on their short list of people to make the Olympic Team.  Her comeback thus far is impressive.

Nica Hults won the Junior Division of the American Classic.  Her win is impressive, as she notched a 14.350 on bars as a junior and is showing continued development on that event. (Videos below the jump)

Curtain Call at All That Skate

Jenny Hansen's Beam at the Qualifier

My Favorite Romanians head to Europeans

Lizzy Leduc at the Qualifier

Nica Hults

Laurie Hernandez

Nathan Chen's Free Skate at Gardena Spring Trophy has finally been posted:

A Non-fuzzy Beam Video of Dare Maxwell  (She has KJ written all over her)

Bebe Liang's First Challenge for YAS3

Ginger Jackson's

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  1. Alicisa is training for nothing. No one needs a Vault/Beam specialist