Monday, May 28, 2012

US Classic Podium Training and Warm Up Vids

Because we can't help but keep speculating until the end of the Olympics...  Hypotheticals are our crack.

Gabby rocks bars and Maroney does a much better Amanar than in the meet.  Gabby's piked tkatchev needs to get a bit more distance.  She gets so much height, but it looks like a Jennifer Sey situation is waiting to happen.  Anna Li shows a little gorgeousness on bars at the end of the clip.

Nastia shows she can still do a killer switch ring.

Maroney rocks a Mustafina on vault while Anna Li works the second half of her bar routine.

Nastia on beam.  The switch half+onodi+sheep combo is slow as hell, but she doesn't wobble.  There is some hope she can nail it by trials.

Anna Li's first half.

Nastia's beam warm up.

Anna Li toys on bars while Maroney does another Amanar.

Gabby shows why she is making the Olympic Team.

Raisman being Jewish on floor.

Casey Jo Magee on beam.  Even more of Anna Li on bars.

Nastia on bars.

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  1. While you're in the mood for speculation - I have just seen the results of AUssie nationals - all titles won by Beijing Olympians! Has any country ever sent the same gymnastics team to 2 consecutive Olympics? Any Olympic medal chances for the Aussies?