Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This and That

The Chellsie Memmel situation has only fueled Dominique Moceanu to tell all when she promotes her book release in two weeks.  I personally cannot wait.  I have dreams involving Moceanu spilling all to Behar and Elizabeth on the View.  Sherri will be too excited that there is a black girl on the Olympic Team to function.  Moceanu posted her grievance argument from 2006.  Unfortunately, they didn't post the nastiness of the opposing side.

Dominique Moceanu was interviewed on Northeast Public Radio this morning.

Jenny Kirk's latest blog entry: An Unrealized Dream.

Mao Asada is getting two new programs for the upcoming skating season.  She is getting a short from Lori Nichol (yawn) and a long from Tatiana Tarasova.  Let the face slapping begin!

Interview with Daria Joura.

Interview with Olivia Vivian

An editorial about Yu-Na Kim's beer ad.  You would think the girl posed for Playboy!  This is sending Korea over the edge and I am loving every second of it.

Interview with Canadian athletes about the 1980 Olympic boycott.

Matthew Mitcham is officially returning to the Olympic Games.  Yum.

Kurt Browning reviews Challenge 4 of YAS  (He is a total Paula Abdul)

Brittany Rogers on vault at Canadian Nationals

Jessica Savona on floor

Ellie Black on beam


  1. What do you mean when you say, "Let the face slapping begin!" ? What is it about that choreographer that made you say that? In what way will there be face slapping? (I'm asking this out of complete ignorance for the type of programs that Tarasova choreographs, and am generally interested in learning more)

  2. Are you blind? Have you seen Mao's Bell's of Moscow program at the last olympics? There was more face slapping in that than the whole run of Dynasty.

  3. Oh the drama of the face slapping..let's hope Tat does a better job

  4. Regarding the editorial about Yuna: this article is not solely based on facts or even the truth. It is known that the articles about Yuna from the Korea Time are biased in Korea. Actually, the radio talk show that spread these wrong facts on Yuna has apologized already to the audiences for their false broadcasting.