Monday, May 7, 2012

This and That

Gabby Douglas gets some more speech lessons for her shining moment this summer.  It is very amusing to hear Gabby with media training, as she is saying all the 'right things,' yet doesn't quite come off polished.  If Sheryl Shade gets out of her ear for a few minutes, she'll be able to be natural.

European Championships Schedule

Junior Podium Training Summary From Europeans

Podium Training Videos From Chinese Nationals, including He Kexin, Yao Jinnan, Sui Lu and Tan Sixin.

Jessica Savona signed with LSU.  It is quite the potential catch for the Tigers, though Savona has suffered two torn ACLs.

Piper Gilles is officially released and can now compete internationally with hunky Paul Poirier.

Japan named its Women's Olympic Team: Rie Tanaka, Koko Tsurumi, Asuka Teramoto, Yu Minobe and Yuko Shintake.  It is quite early to be naming a team.

An 11 1/2 minute preview of Ice Dancing: Thew Raw Edge, featuring the Kerrs.  The documentary was filmed at the 2009 British Championships.

Michael Solonoski auditions for America's Got Talent.   The skating queens love them some attention.  Michael previously was a contestant on Let's Make A Deal.

Chloe Lukasiak works on her turns.

For those depressed about the end of Make It Or Break It, ABC Family has another dance series...Bunheads.  This is the cheese to hold us over in between episodes of CW's Breaking Point.


  1. Gabby needs braces and could endorse a teeth alignment product. Also she needs to stop the head bOb seriously. Also she needs to cut the poor grammar. Sheryl Slade please take note.

  2. Oh Gabby... get some grammar lessons sweetheart. And stop with the "you know", and "like" in each interview. Sheryl please help this poor kid, she is a post-olympics trainwreck in the making and I love her far too much to witness that!