Monday, May 14, 2012

This and That

Sabrina Vega shows the routines she will be prepared to compete as the Olympic Alternate in case someone is injured.  Sabrina has escaped the puberty fairy relatively unscathed.  You know what bitches fairies and queens can be.

Tonya Harding talks about being a mother, says her boobs hurt and doesn't want her son wearing tights.  Pure class.  Her new life.

An article about Nancy Kerrigan's latest commercial.

Lu Shanzhen knows an uphill battle is ahead for the Chinese women in London.

Manley Woman Skatecast with John Zimmerman.

Dominique Dawes' Olympic preview.

JO Vids

Claire Boyce

Norah Flatley

Rachel Gowey

Alexis Vasquez

Samantha Ogden


Nicole Shapiro

Ashleigh Gnat  (Jeana Rice's younger sister.)

Taylor Rice


  1. Vega looks way worse than she did at Worlds. Anyone know what the hell is going on there? Her form has declined a lot (bent knees in the series, not hitting full position on the leaps). And that full-in was... not good. The air form was very Memmel-esque.

  2. She has put on weight and her body has changed...that makes skills harder.

  3. john zimmerman is sooo boring

  4. What do you mean what happened? Vega has always been sloppy and basic.

  5. wow Ashleigh Gnat has to be the most improved level ten in the country. She was a nice gymnast before with some nice she is the complete package. Very impressed!

  6. I just meant that her gymnastics looked better at Worlds. Crisper, more fluid. The connections were definitely better. She definitely has put on muscle weight. But things are much more sluggish now. Sad.