Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This and That

Future Gator Grace McLaughlin on bars at camp.

Future Gator and Former World Champion Bridget Sloan on bars and beam at camp.  It will be interesting to see what Bridget does at the Classic, as it has been three years since she has done all four events outside of the Ranch.

Joshua Farris tweeted (and then deleted...you know how the USFSA can be) that he wanted a senior GP assignment but did not get one so he will do the JGP once again.  Many in the skating community are outraged that the USFSA continues to promote Miner and Dornbush.  Personally, I think Farris is ready for the senior Grand Prix.  Brown and Farris are the two skaters of the future who need to be groomed.  Farris' performance at Junior Worlds indicated he is ready.  It could be good for both to test out triple axels and quads before the pressure of the SGP. Showing up without a Quad or Triple Axel at the Grand Prix is asking to be buried in the middle of the pack as a new comer, despite whatever components scores the skater SHOULD receive.  Farris and Brown are all-around skaters who will ultimately achieve more than Miner and Dornbush.  It is possible that  Dornbush will gain his consistency back and gain a quad, but he is lacking in terms of artistry.

The rumor mill is buzzing that Phil Ogletree will be Danna Durante's assistant coach at Georgia.  Phil is a good coach, but there have always been comments about him being more of a ,'club coach,' and not the best recruiter.

Peng Peng Lee injured her knee on a double twisting yurchenko.  Peng Peng is rumored to have dislocated her patella, which is a similar injury to what Rebecca Bross suffered.  It is not good news for her Olympic chances or for UCLA.  My heart goes out to Peng Peng Lee, as she has worked extremely hard to return to form after a multi-year back injury.  PPL has been Canada's top gymnast for the last year,  I predict that Danusia Francis will be Val's top freshman, even though she currently only has a 9.9 SV under NCAA scoring due to dismount with a giant+giant+double pike.  (She needs a full pirouette before the dismount, which she could still use to beef up her composition in elite...or a better dismount)

Chloe Lukasiak's 'I Want to be a Rockette'

Australian Nationals Podium Training Videos

Lauren Mitchell

Chloe Sims

Maryanne Monckton

Ashleigh Brennan

Larrissa Miller

Nikki Chung

Emily Little

Daria Joura at last month's State meet

Chloe Sims at States

Larrissa Miller at States


  1. Oh AJ, I've missed you today!

  2. Sloan looks ready for Bama, not the Olympic Team.

  3. I know Peng Peng dislocated her kneecap before, but I haven't heard any rumors that indicate she dislocated it this time. Sometimes that injury is not as serious as what Bross experienced at Nationals.

  4. It is not good news for PPL.

    By the by, I die over the expression ready for Bama.

  5. Ugh...the dreaded squat & spin in Lauren Mitchell's beam. Hate it! It really doesn't look like her - I guess it's the bangs

  6. I smiled at the "ready for Bama" line too; though in fairness "Fatbama" isn't what it was. Guti has gotten leaner and stronger since she has been there, while Jacob (especially) and DeMeo have been in great condition from day #1.

    True, one or two of the others are rather um..."bigger boned", but none of them is in Tanella territory.

  7. Dornbush IS an all around skater. Did you see how he skated in the JGPF way back with a clean program? Just because he's not girly doesn't mean he isn't artistic, Dornbush is amazing. He just sucked last year (prob nerves), so based on that, yeah he shouldn't have 2 GP's.

  8. Chloe sucks as a dancer. She needs a coach that isn't too fat to get off a chair and teach her technique. She has the ugliest Pirouettes.

    1. Umm...You do realize that she was performing as the reigning Miss Junior Dance Of PA. A dancer that sucks would never achieve such a title, so her teacher, one of the most sought after dance instructors, and Chloe must be doing something right. You simply have no clue on how to judge dancing, or are just jealous, or maybe both.