Saturday, May 12, 2012

This and That

Bebe Liang choreographed for Mirai Nagasu for YAS.  Frankly, it is the best choreography Mirai has ever had.

Garrett Kling's Week 2 entry.

Ginger Jackson picked one of my favorite songs for his challenge.

European Champions EF Start List   Iordache pulled out of bars, not that she had a change of medaling there.

The US Olympians head to a media summit tomorrow in Dallas.

Charity Jones of Dynamo Gymnastics won the Senior B AA at JO Nationals.

Briley Casanova

Dare Maxwell

Nicole Shapiro

Nicolette McNair

The adorable Norah Flatley of Chow's shined at JO Nationals in the Junior A division against the other future elites.

Alexis Vasquez of Chow's continued her solid season.

Alex McMurty rocked Jr C AA and won.

Morgan Smith

Lyndzee Brown of GAGE

Claire Boyce PT with a shot of skinny skinny Kim Zmeskal.


  1. i didn't even recognize mirai without the over-the boot tights, I see why she wears them now

  2. Wow I can imagine how good Firebird would be with more outings. Mirai's keeping this for one of her competing programs, right. Perfect fit. I'm proud of Bebe.