Thursday, May 24, 2012

This and That

Nastia Liukin is feature in US Weekly's Hot Bodies of 2012

Anna Li will compete in the All-Around this weekend.  Most gymnasts only compete a few events at Classics.  In an Olympic year, it is important to start on a high and build one's confidence and reputation.  Gabby Douglas was only competing bars this weekend, but now she is set to compete all four events  It is a great opportunity for Gabby to hit a bar routine (after falling at camp) and move onto Nationals with a good outing under her belt on her most important event. It is risky if she makes mistakes and loses confidence before Nationals and Trials.  Better to get the kinks out now, but one doesn't want NBC replaying clips of all of her misses either.

 Wieber and Sloan are expected to compete two events each.  Anna Li has been focused on making herself more relevant.  Typically, only people like Aly Raisman do AA at Classics in order to have a nominal win.  Then, Mihai will bitch that no one else is doing all events.  Last year, Chellsie Memmel made a statement and captured the attention of the meet despite finishing second.

Bridget Sloan says she's ready to go.

Japan is planning a new Pro-Am for the fall focused on artistry.

Patrick Chan says he is prepared for Sochi and will have all of his falls out of his system.

Workout Wednesday with future Boomer Sooner Haley Scaman and the fierce vaulters of IGI.

Mykayla Skinner on floor at camp.

Beautiful Italian Enus Mariana on bars in training.

Beautiful Ballet Costumes- English National Ballet

More of Shannon Miller's fabulous lifestyle.  She makes me want to be pregnant, just to be more like her.


  1. I read that Gabby was only competing bars a few weeks ago. But, this article published on 24 May says she will compete all 4

    1. This is a welcomed development as far as Gabby is concerned... While her spot on the team is perceived to be a "semi-lock" because of her bars specialists status... it would be intriguing to see where else can she contribute to team usa... I believe that her Amanar vault has better form than Raisman and Ross, though Ross has a better block! Unless she hits ALL of her beam routine at Classics, Visas and Trials... I don't think she'll be used on this event... But FX can be quite interesting especially if she manages to outscore both Ross and Maroney! I'm really hoping that she HITS that 6.9 Bars... Team USA needs her on this event very badly, especially at the Olympics against the 3 goddesses of UB from Russia!

    2. Agree! So anxious to see what happens. I can't wait to see the 6.9 routine-- I wonder what all of the upgrades are.

      Her Amanar definitely has way better form than Raisman and Ross. Hopefully Chow has helped her to fix the problems with her block.

      I've always loved Gabby's beam, that standing full is exquisite-- would love to see her hit that routine in the next 3 competitions.

      Since the camp video came out, I've been very curious about her floor. I wonder why they didn't show all four passes, (she normally does the 1.5 to triple twist), maybe there is an upgrade there? It also looks like she has improved her leg separations a lot since ATTAC, if the camp video is any indication.

      I think if she has cleaned up the technical problems, has a better floor, and hits, she is right in the hunt for an AA medal with Weiber, Mustafina, Komova and Lordache.

  2. I think that's smart of Gabby and Chow, they need to prove she's not a headcase and can be relied on to hit more than just bars

    I also think it would be smart for bubble girls like Vega or Finnegan to do AA. They would stand out in a field where everyone is doing 1-2 events and if they hit all 4 here and nationals and trials that is a bold statement

    It is a lot to ask for but it's crunch time now. Unless your name is Jordyn Wieber you need to find a way to separate yourself from the pack somehow

    1. Definitely agree with everything you wrote.

      These are my other thoughts:

      I am really rooting Gabby this weekend, and I think doing the AA is a smart decision. (That is, if the DesMoine Register quoted Chow correctly!) I have always thought the 'headcase' argument to be a bit unfair. I think Pac Rims was a fluke, caused by the injury and the scare of that vault. Also she has only been on the junior/senior national teams since 2010, a lot less international experience than many of her toughest competitors. She is getting it together, I think. I hope she hits bars with the 6.9 D-Score. And I hope her confidence from the American Cup and Worlds will carry her through a successful Classics, Championships and Trials-- and Olympics. On a side note, my wish is for her floor music to change. I don't have a problem with the song itself, but she needs a routine that shows off better dance and has a more Olympics-worthy feel.

      Also really looking forward to Finnegan's performance. Its a shame she doesn't have a good enough UB routine, at least from what we saw in Italy. I suppose she poses the greatest challenge to Raisman?? (That is, if like me your current pics are, barring injury: Weiber, Raisman, Douglas, Maroney, and Ross. With Finnegan on the outside. Depending on what we see on display this weekend Liukin, Memmel and Bross have a fair chance because of their UB. I love Vega and Sacramone, but I really don't think they will be on that team. I just don't see where those two fit into the mix.

      Anyway-- we will have a better idea after Saturday! :-)

    2. I personally agree that Vega and Finnegan should do the AA... Outside of the Big 5 (Wieber, Douglas, Ross, Raisman, Maroney), they have an outside shot to make this team... It's unfortunate that Vega decided to upgrade her VT to a DTY instead of focusing on upgrading her Bars, because the US is jampacked with Amanars right now but we are seriously lacking an AA who can do a high scoring Bars... I hope I'm proven wrong! As for Finnegan, her ticket to London could ultimately be that Amanar VT and her FX... I believe that she is on a collision course with Raisman because they're strong on 3 events (VT, BB, FX) but weak on UB... The only way for them to be both in the team is if Maroney is not selected! The US Needs another bar worker (Douglas and Ross are the 1-2 right now). Wieber's bars set is solid but not strong enough, also in the TF i think it would be prudent for Team USA to rest Wieber on 1 event and not have her do all 4... This is why, the likes of Bross, Liukin, Memmel and Li can ultimately have an impact on the selection process... Unlike the Russians, we really don't have 3 AA gymnasts (Vika, Musty, Grish)who can be used on all 4 events during TF! Wieber (VT,BB,FX), Douglas (UB, VT?), Raisman (BB,FX, VT?), Ross (UB, BB), Maroney (VT, FX?)
      We will definitely have a better idea after Classics! :)

  3. It is great if Gabby hits but if she falls she will be dead