Friday, May 25, 2012

This and That

An interview with the Queen.  The HBIC shall reign.  She is expected to compete her full beam routine tomorrow.

Shannon Miller, Kim Zmeskal, Amanda Borden and MLT caught up at the US Classic.

Gabby Douglas is ready to shine. (or have an epic meltdown--it'll be one or the other.)

Interview with Sabrina Vega  (She looks more NCAA than Olympian lately--on and off the mats.)

Interview with Rebecca Bross (focusing on two events hasn't made her gymnastics any cleaner.)

Podium Training Vids

Kyla Ross

Jordyn Wieber

Chellsie Memmel

Aly's contribution to your diet plan.

Ellie Black at Canadian Nationals.

Aussie Nationals Vids

Daria Joura is still a joy to behold.

Chloe Sims


  1. I thought Aly's bars (what we saw of it) looked pretty damn good compared to last year. What's your problem?

  2. I'm just happy Gabbys agent fixed the head bob... And somenofnher diction that's the most interesting interview Gabby has ever done she looks way more marketable her whole body language was better and she seems more aware of body positioning, and her grammar has improved also

  3. Omfg. That Douglas interview was HORRIBLE!!!! And I love the goddamn attitude she has. Way to represent the black girls, Gabby. We all have terrible attitudes like that. Yep. Thanks.

  4. ya, love how Gabby is all, "i don't why everyone thought i was just doing beam, I'm doing the AA!: hahaaaa

  5. oops 'bars' and 'that was the plan all along' (then she gives this confused look, like what's ur problem)

  6. You can bobble your words if you smile like Shawn Johnson does. Gabby did fine and handled it well even though she's tired and being forced to AA which either she'll Vanessa Atler or do really well entertaining high drama regardless...

  7. There was nothing wrong with Gabby's grammar or diction - stop with your delusional stereotyping. The bizarrely hypercritical deconstruction of every Gabby interview that's been happening in here over the past couple of months is suspicious. Take your guess as to who the anon or anons actually are. I'll start - either some racist sh*ts and/or someone(s) with a vested interest in discrediting Gabby.

    And I bet the May 26 6:10 a.m. Anonymous is a "black girl", alright. If that Anon is black, then I'm Gabrielle Union.

  8. The nature of the criticism of Gabby is disturbing. I bet these peculiar Anons could nitpick the interviews of every girl if they tried - yet they've targeted Gabby. What is that about?