Monday, May 28, 2012

This and That

Wieber Fever

Martha Karolyi eeeeen her owwwnnn vords about du salecshon.

Alena Leonova aims for the Grand Prix Final.

Peng Peng Lee's knee is a fully dislocated knee cap.  She needs to compete at Olympic Trials in three weeks to make the team.  It may be over for Peng Peng.

Maddi Desch's beam at Classics.

Nastia on her beam performance.

More videos from Canadian Nationals

Dominique Pegg

Ellie Black


  1. Nice routine from Maddi, but she needs to improve her toepoint.

  2. Madison also needs to get rids of her tics. Watch right before the first flight series-- she does some strange wiggle thing (as if she's practicing twisting?) Likewise before the dismount. I cannot believe a coach hasn't trained that out of her.

  3. Dominique's grievance audio from 2006 on YouTube is much better

  4. I think Madison's visualizing. Sarah Finnegan does the same thing. You can see it in her beam video from jesolo.

  5. That's going to be so sad if Peng Peng Lee can't compete. I was really looking forward to seeing her at the Olympics.