Thursday, May 3, 2012

This and That

Kim Zmeskal shares her Olympic experience.

Sarah Finnegan finished second overall at camp according to Al Fong.  The gymnasts were only required to do two events, so this doesn't necessarily mean much.  It is possible that she did more events than other contenders.  At the same time, camp is very important for an up-an-comer like Finnegan who needs to constantly prove herself.  Finnegan is still upgrading her routines and very much a bubble gymnast.  She could easily be an alternate this summer.  With the injury situation in the sport, it is likely she could be an Olympian.

Leah Keiser switched coaches from Frank Carroll to John Nicks.  This is actually a good move for Leah who really needs that extra polish that only John Nicks can bring.  The Wagner-Keiser training duo should help one another, as they are close in level.

Meryl Davis spoke the the University of Michigan Law School.  It is probably one of her best interviews, as she is talking up to the level of the law students rather than down to the level of reporters.

Dare Maxwell trains beam for JOs.

Piper Gilles, Taylor Toth and Drew Meekins discuss the process of finding a partner.

Mervin Tran is 'considering obtaining Japanese citizenship' to compete for Japan in Sochi.  One would think he is more than considering, as he is an Olympian who knew what was ahead of him when he began this partnership.

Nastia Liukin is being featured in Teen Vogue.  As it is the publishing industry, these photos were taken in November.

Plushenko talks to reporters.  I didn't know he had so many tattoos.


  1. With a 7.0 start value on beam, an amanar, a 6 + floor routine (training double double) and a not great, but decent bars set I consider Sarah Finnegan a serious olympic contender. Yes, most people didn't even know she was eligible, yes she's not the it girl, she came out of nowhere, but so did McCool in 2004 and made the team over Hollie Vise and Memmel. I'm rooting for Sarah

  2. She needs to compete the Amanar to displace Raisman.

  3. And look at how well McCool did in 2004! That's a GREAT idea!!!

  4. Yes, that was a great interview with Meryl. I have yet to meet someone who went to UofM who wasn't brilliant. Some may be arrogant or eccentric (speaking from my own experience with family members), but there is no denying that you have to have some mega-brains to get into that school.