Monday, January 10, 2011

While I Was Away...

A few videos of note appeared today.

In case you missed Johnny's interview on the Today Show..

or his performance.

Also, Miss Val and Va Zam were interviewed in the latest episode of UCLA's boring ass sports talk show.

A training video of Nica Hults appeared.


  1. AJ, I am so interested in your thoughts on Weir's book, but before you do so, please tell us if it's worth buying/reading. At first I thought I would buy it on the first day, but now I'm holding off.

  2. I really do like that the Today Show often features figure skating. But Johnny, what are those stripes on your face?! Such a weirdo.

  3. Oh Johnny... I don't know whether I should laud you for using your diva personality for profit when your figure skating federation has buried you in the depths of oblivion or if I should censure you for being such a mediawhore...

  4. I thought the Johnny interview was great. He was eloquent and thoughtful and said a lot of interesting things.