Thursday, January 13, 2011

Caesars Tribute Videos

The Caesars Tribute to the Golden Age of American Skating may have been the only good Disson Skating event ever.  We can thank Nancy's Jewish husband for shelling out the money to get almost every name skater there.  Maybe if he opened his wallet a bit more, Kwan would've made an appearance?  That said, they delivered everything my old queen heart could ever wish to see.  Nancy and Paul performing that signature Mary Scotvold number!  It was as though Mary's husky smoker voice was singing to all of us through our hearts.  I'm still broken up about Jill Trenary not making an appearance, but I'll have to get over it.

It is absolutely wrong that we had to be subjected to Sarah Hughes in lieu of watching Caryn Kadavy, who performs in almost ever Disson show.  They make her skate to Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Ashley Tisdale and whoever else they scrounge up, yet they couldn't show her performing a number she actually spent time preparing.

Debi Thomas looked rather fierce, though my mother insists that she should not have been wearing a two piece.

Rudy performed the signature token gay number Tom Collins paid him to do year after year after year (to detract attention from all of the other gays on the tour.)

The Truck Driver and the Waitress

The audio doesn't work, but you can see Tara Lipinski skating for the first time in years.

She isn't shown here, but Vera Wang was shown looking out of it and lusting after Evan Lysacek like an old hag.  Those two have one hell of a bizarre relationship.  Then again, look at the inspiration her provided her for that Firebird costume.  Right up there with Michelle's 2002 Olympic Short Dress...

Nancy got to perform in a dress NOT designed by Vera Wang.  The second Nancy left Vera, the dresses became long and matronly.

Straight from Yentl to an ice rink near you!

Sasha Cohen attempting to be sexy and failing miserably.

And those who weren't shown:


  1. That Paul and Nancy thing is precious!

  2. Kimmie looking strong. Like to see that attack on that first double axel. Remember when that was a triple in 2005?

  3. Beautiful skates; thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for posting favorites that no one else who filmed included, Caryn, Naomi and Peter. Really the best in what they do. I was there but missed the televised version, which those who were with me said cut too much good skating.

    Evan's Firebird was artistic and expressive, as shown here, with improved body connection, yet all you can mention is Vera. The Evan vs Johnny athletic vs artistry labels often dismiss Evan's intensity and personal expression in a program, which he conveys well. This performance upped the beautiful body line.

    Artistic isn't always just about lovely, fluid and classical, which Johnny does well. He also hasn't respected himself, his sport and others who skate. Leaving others to blame Evan and others for succeeding and for working non-stop to improve what they were given and overcome the obstacles.

    Saying anything positive about Evan invites a firestorm, but really shouldn't.

  5. Evan's Firebird was so expressive that I couldn't stop wondering if he was about to poop right on the ice. Indeed, intense and expressive!

  6. To Anon 8:19 AM

    I find it amusing that the only way you find to say anything positive about Evan is to bring up and diss Johnny when J. isn't even mentioned in AJ's post. What's positive about Evan again? Nothing.

  7. Lots of positives about Evan, but this is a diss Evan site. When there are issues good, but also bad, about Johnny. Shortcomings in skating, and overall casting blame, where getting fame and finding life after skating seems to be about dissing Evan. That's all.

  8. I agree that Caryn Kadavy should have been included in the TV broadcast. At least she can still jump, unlike figure skating "legend" Sarah Hughes. (Seriously, is her Olympic gold an embarrassment or what? No National or World title, but an Olympic gold? Would she even have been invited but/for that fluke of a win?)

  9. Wow!! Bravo, Evan!! You're a truly champion. I can never tired watching your amazing performance. :)

    Hey AJ, grow up!!!

  10. Sasha looks adorable and her skating skills and timing are still intact.