Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skate For The Heart

NastiaFan graciously uploaded Skate For The Heart to youtube.  He divided the entire show into seven parts and has not listed them in order to avoid any copyright claim issues.  It is one of the better Disson shows ever produced.  After all these years, it looks like they might be actually trying.

Videos after the jump.

Part 1: Intro, Flatt, Denney and Barrett

Part 2: Cohen, Weir, Rochette

Part 3:  Bradley, Abbott, Belgosto

Part 4:  Group Skate, Denney and Barrett, Bradley

Part 5:  Flatt, Abbott, Rochette

Part 6: Belgosto, Weir

Part 7:  Cohen, Finale


  1. I thought perhaps my standards had slumped due to lack of skating, but I agree that this show was a giant step in the right direction. Can't specifically target what worked, it just seemed more thought out and better directed throughout.

  2. After a few years of (IMHO) lackluster programs, I was beginning to forget why I'd loved Johnny in earlier years, but this second routine brought it all back - just beautiful.

    Coulda done without the makeup, but wow - nice arms, Johnny.

    As for why this show was better than some of these Disson shows, it seems like all the skaters got a chance to do at least one routine without sharing camera time with the singers - and the singers themselves were actually decent, I thought.

  3. The camera work (or editing) was better; longer cuts and fewer of them. The singing talent was great---nice looking AND good to skate to. Wonderful cast.