Wednesday, January 26, 2011

US Nationals Roundup

Alissa Czisny is in Greensboro and just took the practice ice for the first time.

An article (with video) about the muscle spasms Ashley Wagner suffered this season and her plans for the future.

Feature on Mirai Nagasu.

Ladies Short Start Order

Pairs Short Start Order

Most reliable practice reports:

Ashley Wagner is apparently suffering from the flu this week.  Ashley wore a mask while warming up off-ice.  She struggled a bit during her run-through: Triple Flip+Double Toe, Waltz Jump, Double Axel+Triple Toe (hard fall), Stopped for a bit, Triple Loop+Double Toe+Double Loop, Triple Salchow, Triple Loop (Fell out), Triple Flip, stopped again.  She managed a Triple Flip+Triple Toe and a Triple Lutz later on.

Agnes Zawadzki's free skate run-through was much better today: Double Axel+Triple Toe, Triple Flip (high swinging free leg), Triple Lutz+Double Toe, Double Lutz, Triple Loop, Triple Salchow, Triple Toe+Double Toe+Double Loop.  Agnes really needs to nail her jumps, as her Tom Z skating skills should not earn her the PCS she needs.

Vanessa Lam just landed a Double Axel and Triple Lutz+Double Loop during her short program run-through.

Christina Gao was the first to skate a run-through during her practice today: Triple Flip+Triple Toe (fell out, not enough speed), Triple Salchow, Skated through Triple Lutz and just marked it (not warmed up yet), Triple Loop, Double Axel, Triple Flip, Triple Toe+Double Toe.

Mirai Nagasu looked sharp during her long program run-through, despite two errors: Triple Lutz, Double Axel (Fall, Planned a Double Axel+Triple Toe), Triple Flip+Double Toe, Triple Lutz, Triple Loop (slightly UR), Ina Bauer+Double Axel.  Mirai landed a Double Axel+Triple Toe before her run-through.

Alissa Czisny just ran through her short program: Triple Lutz+Double Toe, Triple Flip (a tad shaky), Double Axel.  While warming up, she landed: Triple Lutz+Double Toe (twice), Double Axel (twice), Triple Loop, Triple Toe+Double Toe

Ugh.  Rachael Flatt managed to land everything yet again in practice.  She is going to be tough to keep off of the World Team, which means we'll probably be stuck with her for yet another season:
Double Axel+Triple Toe, Triple Lutz+Double Toe, Triple Flip, Triple Lutz, Triple Flip+Double Toe+Double Loop, Triple Loop, Triple Salchow.  Thanks to this vomitorious girl, we only have two spots at Worlds and her ass will probably nab one of them.

According to the fabulous Nancy Armour, Caroline Zhang's flip technique is looking much better.  Lutz...not so much.  Run-through: Triple Flip+Double Toe, Triple "Lutz" (still has the high kick), Triple Salchow, Stopped, Triple Loop+Double Axel, Stopped, Triple Flip (Fall), Triple Loop (No combo), Double Axel.


  1. Gao and Flatt will make the world team unless Gao is serious kept down in the standings.

  2. Rachael Flatt is so annoying. Just when you think your favorites are going to go to worlds, SHE has to come in and land everything. Maybe she will use up all her good jumps during the practices, while Mirai is saving hers for the competition :)

    One can only hope...

  3. I really don't want to wish ill on anyone, but a part of me can't help but hope Rachael Flatt misses a couple of jumps. Alissa & Mirai are our best hope for three spots.

  4. Ugh, I was hoping that Flatt's performances in the GP would be an indication of how she would skate at Nationals. Now I'm worried and annoyed. Her getting a spot on the world team again would be such a waste.

  5. Ashley's physical problems haven't been a secret to me since her weird body spasms during the 2009 Jr Worlds Medal Ceremony... It pains me to hear that she apparantly has caught the flu now as well! That really is rotten luck!!
    I'll be crossing my fingers like crazy for Ashley and Alissa!!!!

  6. I agree completely with the anon@6:09. Is it bad to want Rachael to fall flat (bad pun..sorry)? Alissa and Mirai are much better skaters as long as they don't fall.

  7. Question: I was looking at the start order; how are the WUGs divided? Warm-up every 5 or 6 skaters? Thanks!

  8. I don't want to wish bad on anyone either but I REALLY don't want Rachael on the team. I mean it's already been proven that even if she squeaks off a perfect program she's not going to get the PCS to hold her up in medal standings. Though her jumps are completed she hardly ever gets decent GOEs on them...or anything for that matter.

    Even if she manages to skate perfectly Alissa can still beat her if she skates semi-cleanly. Alissa's PCS are top right now and add in the customary nationals inflation and her scores will be a bit ridiculous which might be enough to hold her over. I think I might actually be cheering for Alissa this year...weird.

    Mirai...again, she's the wildcard. She was last year as well and came out and kicked butt. I worry about her jumps though. I really think if she attacked her jumps a bit more she'd get more height which would eliminate a lot of her UR calls. My fingers are crossed for her. She and Alissa are the two favorite Americans on the international scene which is why I'm hoping they make the team...Rachael is a solid skater and a nice girl but she lacks the star power necessary to avoid blending in amongst skaters like Mao, Yu-Na and others.

  9. Oh and as for Gao, she'll place top 5 more than likely but she's not ready to compete on the international senior scene yet. She's still too awkward in her movements and not polished enough to make the world team. Her spot at jr. worlds should be secure though. Agnes is a fabulous jumper but her nerves have been crap this year. She implodes in the FS; she needs more experience as well. Okay, I'm done...