Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Video From Last Season

I came across this video from last season.  If anyone is accustomed to the Gym Dogs of yore, they trained with intensity, especially as big meets approached.  There were loads of team workouts under the watchful eyes of Suzanne, Jay and Doug.  While Jay still appears to be in charge, one can notice how 'out to lunch' Julie is throughout the workout.  The girls appear to be largely coaching themselves, especially on beam and floor.  Julie is not shouting out corrections.  Girls like Taylor and McCool know what to do.  At NCAAs, McCool pretty much coached herself during training sessions, especially on balance beam.  Julie served as a cheerleader.

It is that lack of intensity that allowed mediocrity like this out on the floor:

It is that mediocrity that cost them a trip to Nationals.  Girls would never have been so pleased with themselves after delivering a 9.70 at a big meet.  Shayla's training clips from the workout also show how Jay really made a bad call and needed to go for broke, especially with Ding injured before the meet.  That was a team that certainly under-performed all year.


  1. The little kids in that video are adorable. Tanella's routine is very nice until the end. lol.

  2. Tanella can't even hit handstand on her bail. Her eagle 1/2 is a wreck and she is sluggish in general.