Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This and That

Brian Orser says Christina Gao and Adam Rippon are ready to go.

The Gators posted a practice update where they talked about staying in their own bubble.  That could explain why their performance was a bit flat.  Macko seems a bit delusional thinking that she is going to come back to elite, which is why she is reticent to call NCAA more fun.  Marissa King's voice is an utter delight to listen to. She seems like she may be the brightest on the team based on the interviews conducted each week. I always love how gymnasts explain away meets to us, as though we can't figure it out. Thank you to Macko for explaining the differences between home and away meets.  She seems like a real genius.  It will be another week until the Gators really face stiff competition.

Sasha Cohen's Stars On Ice Webcast.  It looks like they're trying anything to keep her interested in touring. Sasha has an expressed an interest in become a TV hostess despite sounding like she has a mouthful of marbles.

Jonathan Horton does a little ass kissing for USAG's new Team Hilton.

Sylvia's Practice Reports:

Jonathan Cassar practiced his short and landed: Triple Lutz+Triple Toe, Ina Bauer+Double Axel, Triple Loop.  A decade ago, that jump content would label him a 'ladies skater.'  His spread eagles make up for any lack of technical content.

Richard Dornbush also did a short program: Triple Lutz+Triple Toe, Double Axel, Triple Flip (fell out.) He landed Triple Axels and Triple Flips later on.  He tried a few Quad Toes and fell twice.  Richard did a long program run-through this morning: Triple Flip, Triple Axel+Double Toe, Triple Lutz, Triple Axel, Triple Salchow, Double Flip (Planned: Triple Flip+Double Toe+Double Loop), Double Axel+Double Axel, Triple Loop.  He landed his 3-2-2 combo later on.

Keegan Messing showed some huge Triple Axels and Quad Toes.  He tweaked his ankle this morning, but appeared fine during his afternoon practice.

Brandon Mroz had a rough short program practice this morning: Quad Toe (Fall Out/Hands Down), Single Axel, Triple Lutz+Pause+Triple Toe.  He landed at least one Quad Toe and Triple Axel later on.

Brandon's afternoon practice was much better.  He practiced his long program: Quad Toe, Triple Axel+Triple Toe, Triple Lutz, Break/Breather, Triple Loop, Single Axel, Triple Lutz+Double Toe, Triple Salchow, Triple Flip (Fall Out.)  He landed Triple Axels later on.

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