Thursday, January 20, 2011

This and That

UCLA Gymnastics: In The Huddle.  Sadly, they didn't show us the final huddle after the meet.

Johnny Weir and George Lopez swapped outfits during the filming of Lopez Tonight.  Mattie Larson was on hand for the festivities.

Inside Gymnastics tweeted that they've spoken with Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin.  Both confirmed that they're training hard to return to competition.  Guess Nastia isn't making a formal announcement around the first of the year?

An article on Denney and Barrett with quotes from John Zimmerman.  Denney has a nagging ankle injury and Barrett has a nagging groin issue.  Both claim their injuries shouldn't affect their performance at Nationals.

A Blahtah podcast with Corrie Lothrop.  It boggles the mind that they are currently ranked #3.

A Vanessa Lam article.

FSOnline wrote a feature on Bereswill and Young.

A reminder that the cast of Stars On Ice will be on the Today Show tomorrow between 8:30 and 9 AM.


  1. Hope Denney and Barrett's injuries aren't affecting their training too badly. Oh, and Zimmerman is a joy!

  2. I almost that Johnny was with Rudy Galindo for a second.

  3. SHAWN AND NASTIA!!! I love comebacks.

  4. What, no more Taylor's Twist? Color me shocked. At least we have someone more articulate for this PR episode

  5. Aw, Vanessa Lam is so adorable!

  6. I took Nastia's tweet about making a new vision board as confirmation that she was a making a go at 2012.