Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This and That

Johnny Weir was on Bravo's Project Runway knock-off last night.  Without watching the show, I have little emotional investment in it, but Johnny held his own as a judge.  Iman is no Heidi.  Isaac is a third-rate Michael.  These fashion shows are directly responsible for forty percent of incoming college freshmen declaring majors in fashion design and fashion merchandising.  Remember when there were actual business majors?  Those were the days.

Nobuo Sato gave an interview after Japanese Nationals where he spoke about Mao Asada and Takahiko Kozuka.  It is Mao's idea to do the Triple Axel in the short.  Nobuo wants her to increase her speed as a means of improving her jumps.  He spoke about Takahiko's improvement over last season.

Sarah and Drew posted an update on Ryan Bradley and Jonathan Cassar.  There is a photo of everyone's favorite debutante couple: Rachael Flatt and Patrick Chan.

Kevin Copp is back and posted a Gym Dog practice update.  There is a small clip of Lindsey Cheek on bars, perhaps looking a bit cleaner than at 2009 Regionals.  Her tkatchev has always been full of amplitude, but the need for refinement is still evident.  Hilary Mauro may not have gotten any taller, but she certainly looks older and more mature than she has in the past.  Jay has his signature annoyed expression as he tries to work through the latest bout of injury suckfest.  "Focus on today!  Focus on today!"  He starts out positive, but it all comes out when he starts talking about needing the win.

Evan Lysacek officially withdrew from Nationals.  Here is his wishy-washy statement for the Associated Press.  Evan is unable to compete due to an affliction known as Stars On Ice and making cold hard cash.

It looks like Tonya Harding filmed a potential pilot/reality show treatment.  It was made by the same company that has her on a cable show for TruTV.  Part of me thinks we shouldn't support her, while another part thinks this would be a fabulous guilty pleasure.

The Crimson Tide freshmen have their own poster.  A few of Sarah's new ladies look fun and have better personalities than the group they replaced.
Our freshmen meet the Bama Nation this Friday at 7:30 p.m.


  1. I don't get the whole debutante thing, but whatever.

    Do 40% of freshman really declare fashion as a major? haha ouch.

    For some reason, I'm super excited to see Ryan Bradley at Nationals. I guess I'm just happy for him to get another chance.

  2. 40% is an exaggeration, but an inordinate amount of students major in fashion these days.

  3. Do people really watch that Fashion Show crap? I had a hard time getting through the clip. So drawn out.

  4. Wait. When was Johnny Weir a two-time champion?!

    Olympian =/= champion >______>

  5. two-time Olympic champion*

    Project Runway-ripoff needs to check their sources, dude. Pffbt. Two-time Olympic Champion.

  6. Jay really needs to learn how to put a positive spin on things. His down in the dumps attitude cannot be good for the team's morale. I think it may be smart for him to allow Julie do help with some of the PR. She at least may be able to get through an interview without looking depressed and deflated.

    Agreed about the Bama freshman. I'm actually somewhat looking forward to seeing what this team puts out this year. Price, Lebegern, Dennis, and Overton were a good group for Bama, but they were not the most interesting gymnasts (skill selection or personlity-wise).

  7. Shows like PR rip-offs are so contrived; the contestants are also 3rd rate fashion industry wannabes. As someone who actually majored in fashion design at Pratt Institute, I just have to say that over 90% of students have no idea what the industry is like before they applied. I'd say a lot them think they'd be good in the industry because they like to shop and dress up their friends/ families. There were a few like me who approached fashion from a fine arts perspective, and then there were those who had business acumen/ good design sense-- those were the successful ones who are still in the biz.

    I grew to hate the industry and left it in my senior year. It's a lot of hard work for little pay and acknowledgement...not as glamorous as it's portrayed. You have to really love it and be able to put up with bullshit rampant in that industry. I'm now in a Ph.D program in Pharmacology--talk about a drastic turnaround.

  8. Why shouldn't one support her if one chooses too? She more than paid for Nancy-knee bashing. Is she to never be forgiven? I say GO TONYA and I've always loved your skating. Who cares what the naysayers say? OT but I stopped liking Nancy right about the time she grumped, and sneered her way through the '94 Olympic medal ceremony. :b