Saturday, January 15, 2011

This and That

The Battle of Wounded Knee

Patrick Chan is adding a second quad to his free skate and is taking out one of his triple axels for next week's Canadian Nationals.

The Florida Gators are ranked #1 for good reason.  They backed it up against Kentucky this weekend, without letting down their guard to a non-opponent.


  1. how often have we seen Florida start hot out the gate and then fall short at nationals? Too often for this gator fan!

  2. To be fair, they had many sloppy level 10s on those teams who didn't score as well when the judging tightened up. It is true that they weren't as impressive later on, but they also were beat by teams that really improved and peaked throughout the season while they stayed very steady and Romanian.

  3. if u like wounded knee. check out the weird al video for headline news!!