Thursday, January 27, 2011

This and That

An Interview With Yu-Na Kim

A feature on Nansy Damianova

Tara Lipinski on the Ladies Short

Highlights from Sylvia's Practice Reports:

Jeremy Abbott didn't do a full short program run-through, but he did look sharp in practice.  He popped a flip during his short program, but he did land quads and triple axels with ease.  Whether or not he includes the quad will be a game time decision.

Ryan Bradley had a very rough long program practice today.  His run-through: Quad Toe (leaning), Quad Toe (fall out)+Double Toe, Triple Axel (Fall), Triple Lutz (hung on), Triple Axel+Triple Toe, Triple Loop, Triple Salchow (stepout) to Triple Toe (Fall), Triple Flip

Armin Mahbanoozadeh skated a clean long yesterday and was near-perfect again today.

Ask the Gym Dogs

Gym Dog Practice Report

The Chinese and Japanese men are holding a joint training camp in Tokyo:

Danell Leyva's Rings during a recent intrasquad:

You Can't Make This Shit Up: Rachael Flatt's endorsement of Colorado Potatoes.  I bet she DOES love them.

The infamous National Team Thank You.  It sounds so sincere being rushed through like that.


  1. I dont see the big deal with the national team chant.... i know others do but what is the big deal anyways?

  2. Dear Yu-na, if you're going to do Giselle, you're going to have to point your feet.

  3. @becauseofitall: Don't you ever get fed up with nitpicking over 'point-your-toe' stuff? It's been months since she announced her new music, geez.

  4. The potato commercial explains so much. I get it now.

  5. LMFAO @ the Damianova interview. Her "big, risky skills" in elite? Ummm... like that ever-difficult arabian double front on fx? Or the standing back pike on beam? Or maybe it's the Y1.5?

    Get over yourself, dumbass. You couldn't do those skills consistently in elite, so maybe by competing level 10 for Blahtah you can develop some consistency.

  6. The whole thing with lining up in front of Marta and chanting on command is EXTREMELY creepy. For one thing, when you force someone to say thank you, it's pretty useless. "Thank you commandant, SIR!"

  7. @ 4:08, no considering I never talked about her pointing her feet until now.

  8. eww. Nansy's feet look awful! That is not a toe point, but a toe scrunch! And seriously, elite skills? Give me a break. She is doing all her so called elite skills in college. Talk about trying to make herself bigger and better then she really is.