Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Glorious Canadian Nationals Videos

Josee Chouinard has joined PJ Kwong in commentating Canadian Nationals.  Josee is a commentating sensation.  First of all, she is commentating in English.  Then, she finds the need to point out every time someone has a variation of position in a spin, because the viewers clearly don't have eyes.  She even counts the number of rotations for each spin.

Whenever someone has a shitty landing or a hot mess combo, Josee finds a reason to excuse it.  She follows in the great tradition of the Canadian apologists who excused her own dismal performances.

She loves the skaters' carry-age.

Which are your favorite Josee quotes?


  1. What was Josee talking about when said that Alexandra Najarro won her first National title at 13, but then took 5 years to regain it. Isn't Najarro 17 years old? I'm confused. Was she getting her mixed up with Phaneuf?

    Good job Josee!!!

  2. hahah, I was wondering who that commentator was! She was counting the number of rotations in Dube's spins, and I was like, what who does that?! It's kind of nice though that she can point out what a Level 3 spin is.

  3. I love when people congratulate skaters as though they're clearly going to read it...

  4. Josee was talking about Tracey Wainman, Najarro's coach. Loved how the other commentator was kinda speechless after that. The girl has no business in the booth. It was fun to listen to, once. She better be gone by the long.

  5. Both commentators should like wet blankets.