Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This and That

Coach Courtney McCool

Nationals practice info after the jump!

Ryan Bradley Interview

Johnny Weir on The Gayle King Show

Nationals Practice Roundup:

Ryan Bradley's run through: Quad Toe (fall), Triple Axel, Triple Flip.   He landed Quad Toe+Triple Toes after and got the crowd going with a Triple Salchow+Triple Toe+Triple Toe.  He also popped a few jumps here and there.

Jeremy Abbott left for Nationals a few hours ago.  It seems like Yuka Sato is attempting to keep Jeremy and Alissa focused and in their own box in order to avoid being overwhelmed as the favorites.  Yuka needs every trick up her sleeve to pull off two gold medals this week with that talented but troubled duo.

Adam Rippon did a clean short, while omitting his triple axel.  He did the triple axel cleanly after his short program run-through.  He practiced a few quads.  He fell at least twice and was struggling with the rotation today.

Ross Miner did a clean short run-through.  Triple Axel,

Grant Hochstein did a short-program run-through: Triple Lutz (off balance)+Double Toe, Double Axel, Three Turns into Triple Loop (off balance.)  He landed a Triple Lutz+Triple Toe later during the session.

Armin Mahbanoozadeh landed a clean Triple Axel and Triple Flip+Triple Toe during his short program run-through, but singled his lutz.  He landed the Triple Lutz later and then worked on Quad Toes.  He fell three times working on the quad and doubled an attempt.

Wes Campbell's lines were a total skategasm during practice, but he didn't do many jumps.

Sean Rabbitt "Ginger Jackson" didn't jump much due to suffering from the flu.  He did a triple toe and triple salchow after his short program run-through.

Stanford on Beam and Floor vs UCLA:


  1. It makes me slightly happy knowing that McCool is yelling at Tanella.

  2. Were the men's practice run throughs broadcast on IceNetwork, or...? Where can we see these? Thanks! :)

  3. All of these practice updates are just making me more anxious about Nationals!

    Alissa & Jeremy, please don't headcase! My nerves, they can't handle this.

  4. I'm anxious already for Alissa too.

  5. I like McCool a lot more when Taylor's not around.

  6. I wish I had McCool's confidence to coach like that.

    I'm nervous for Alissa already too. I feel like she's supposed to be at Worlds this year, so it will suck if it doesn't happen this time.